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Ricky, you really are a breath of fresh air out here...

January 20 2001 at 1:02 AM
Gordon Alexander 

Response to ***** I’ve Got A Few Words To Say About Ken Silver !

Man, where've you been the last few years?

Ken Silver says; "Most of the time I don't know the answer”

J.F.(Jim) Straw (another successful marketer off-line and now on) says;

"All the experts are right, and all of them are wrong."

They only know what they know. What many of today's Internet guru's know is that there are a whole new generation that has never been exposed to the hype and hyperbole of "something for nothing" copywriting.

And the truth stings when they learn the lesson in the virtual world that they "know" is right in the real one:

THERE ARE NO FREE LUNCHES, not even on the Internet.

It takes work, right Ricky, and you've been working like crazy. It's amazing that you EXECUTE the good ideas, like your Who's Who.

Ken Silver will agree, I'm sure, that people have to make an effort, they have to do what it takes.

Honestly, I'd like to meet the Internet guru who has an AUTO-PILOT 24/7 365 money maker that rakes in the cash while they're sitting at the beach sipping you think there is even ONE of those?

But if there is ONE secret (and there isn't) it would be this:

You harvest what you sow. As you know, that is the fundamental belief at, it ain't Internet Rocket Science, but it is the truth.

Simple as it is, it is the truth on-line and off.

But, with that being said, the part that most people don't understand is, YOU CAN'T DO IT ALL.

So, people have to learn how to do what they do best, how to maximize and leverage their efforts, and how to hit the delete key when the guru of the day sends his/her GET RICH TODAY ezine.

So many voices on the Internet to listen to...which one first?

The one inside, the Innner voice of common sense and personal reality.

I know you Ricky always listen to that one first, and hopefully, more and more people will follow your lead.

Thanks, and keep it up.

Gordon Alexander

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