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sorry that you don't agree...

March 7 2001 at 3:40 PM

Response to Don't overestimate


i am not overestimating, i am stating facts...i am sorry you don't agree, and i am sorry that you disagree with virtually every major marketer in on the net sounds to me that you are inferring something, but i will leave it at that,

personally i think that if a person can't see a HUGE difference between covers, that some are WAY better designed than others, then they need help.

i think number one, as a visitor, if i see some cheezy cover, then i am out of that site.period!

maybe it is me,being a designer, but if it looks half ass, then i don't think much of the product....

think about it, if the cover is cheap, then what about the product?

am i pushing his service? yes, if there was another service that came close to the quality, then i would suggest them as well, but there isn't, not to my knowledge...

so to all of the people that have unprofessional looking covers, i am sorry, but you WILL loose visitors.

look the bottom line is that it makes your site and yourself look unprofessional when you get these crappy covers. if you are going to do it, then do it right... regardless of who designs it, killercovers, or greatcovers, or anycovers, it doesn't matter, just getting it done the right way is the message...

i have spent too much time and energy getting my book going to give it a bad look...that is what people see...

good luck to you,


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