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Don't foget Trojans!

July 28 2001 at 2:04 AM

Response to Virus attachment attacks.

This is the worst virus I have ever seen.

On my web hosting companies discussion list, webmasters seem to be getting hit hard.

Some of the webmasters you have reseller accounts are reporting customers recieving hundreds!

Symantec (Nortons Utilities) also has a detect and removal program for the virus. It's a small download.

On a side note nobody mentions Trojans very much. I have heard this virus is both.

Trojans are actually worse than a virus. Why?

1. Most antivirus programs don't detect them. Yes, Nortons and McFee included.
2. A virus "tends" to be more of a nuisense. Not detroying you hardware or file..sometimes.
3. When a virus like sircam sends out your most precious files it certainly is a problem. However, it is still random. When someone gets a Trojan in your system it is for the specific intent of trying to compromise your system when you are on-line.

A trojan will find any breach allowing hackers to take control of your system.

If you leave your computer on all the time and have a web cam. They could even watch you!

Remember, never download files from a site you are not familiar with. Many of the "warez" sites may have a trojan placed in a file.

So if you are downloading software cracks, you are doing so at your own risk.

There are many Trojan detecting software programs.

Check out: or

You should be able to find one you like.

Also, cable and dsl users should definately be using a firewall program. This will also help in prvention of attacks.

Bob Geraci Jr.

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