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My Experience With This NASTY Virus

July 29 2001 at 7:49 AM
Andre Best 

Response to Virus attachment attacks.


I just wanted to add my two cents to this issue.

Early this week I received the infected email from my sister in Canada through my personal Hotmail address. Hotmail openly states that they scan attachments using McAfee and I did see it working on the attachment.

What happened in my case was the email was from her personal email address and had a file attached with her daughters name in the document title. It DID look very personal and I was convinced enough that it could have been from her...that I did open it and the attachment.

Since Hotmail did use the McAfee scan, this all seemed innocuous enough. Until I heard about the virus and the email text and the attachment.

Although my computer looked fine, I heard about a computer anti-virus program very highly rated through a Russian website ( I bought their $40 software download and found 44 (!) infected SirCam viruses in my computer.

What made this so bad was that I deleted my sister's message attachment and then I emptied my main Recycle bin. Apparently that just exacerbates the virus and it now morphs files into .exe files. I eventually had every program that I tried to open (Word, Excel, Eudora) give me fatal messages. My computer was slowly shutting down so I stopped doing that until the Kaspersky program did it's magic.

Bottom line:

-my computer was saved with this paid program. Although there are many out there, I do not suggest using the FREE downloads. My sister used a free download that told her that her computer was fine. She then downloaded a shareware program and found six infected files on her box. Summary: You get what you pay(?) for.

-your free email service may scan attachments, but my results with Hotmail speak for themselves as far as some of these free services

-DON'T empty your Recycle bin after deleting the infected email from your INbox. If you did do this get yourself a good anti-virus program FAST. And use it.

-this is a VERY convincing email if you get a lot of emails and don't pay too much attention to what emails you get. Be especially suspicious of emails from friends, family, acquaintances (I have since also received an infected email from my two brothers...yes my sister's virus found their email addresses on her harddrive and emailed them and they too opened the email - thereby spawning the virus)

-treat this AND all viruses seriously. It would appear that this virus is alleged to possibly deleted 1 out of 20 harddrives it infects in October this year. I'm just repeating what I read in the 'Net.

I do hope this information will be helpful to some of you who may not yet know too much about this issue.

Thank you kindly.

Andre Best

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