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Ebook Graphics

April 3 2002 at 5:36 PM

I just wanted to ask what everyone else is using for ebook graphics, inside your ebook, when working with either MS-Word or HTML.

Thank you.

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do you mean source of graphics or to manipulate graphics?

April 4 2002, 6:17 AM 

Ken, I do not understand your question but that may well be me.
Do you mean source of graphics or to manipulate graphics?

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Graphics Software choices for ebooks.

April 4 2002, 4:24 PM 

Hi John,

In my post, I should have said - what source of graphics do you use ? What graphics software ?

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graphics and related books

April 4 2002, 8:08 PM 

I use Coffeecup HTML editor and one, just one, of the extras they provide is a heap of graphics from Corel which can be used for ebooks too.
My next book will have many graphics from Corel.com - I bought a couple of their packages and the range/value of the included graphics was very good.
I was a member of ArtToday http://www.arttoday.com/ for a while. They provide great graphics too.
For graphics software, try PaintShop Pro from http://www.jasc.com/ and you probably won't need anything else! I am still using PSP version 6 while version 7 is the current one.
This is because I bought PhotoImpact from http://www.ulead.com/ and they provided a range of supplementary utilities and heaps of great graphics including an extra Megabyte of templates which came available for download each month.
I am still using the previous version of that too because it does everything I need. I can confidently recommend the current package because I have seen some great stuff produced with it.
That brings up another point (then I'll stop, I promise!) both these graphics packages have free supporting newsletters and forums run by users which are very, very good.

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Thank you John !

April 5 2002, 3:51 PM 

Thanks John for the excellent answer.


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atomic dave

heres what i use.

April 5 2002, 4:18 AM 

the 2 top choices are:


I use both, however i am a professional graphic designer.

Fireworks is a hybrid program and offers someone interested in web graphics a little more versatility, however for creating graphics photoshop is still the king, but has a high learning curve.

as for images? i shoot my own, i use photo objects vol I and II.....other stock sites....anywhere i can get the images that i need.

good luck.


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Thank you Dave !

April 5 2002, 3:52 PM 

Thanks Dave for your help.

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atomic dave

anytime, and thanks for the thanks...lol

April 6 2002, 7:41 AM 

anytime....its nice to be "back from the dead"

i haven't posted in a WHILE....been working on many new and cool things....so it was nice to offer some help.

figuring out which software to use is easy, LEARNING HOW to use it effectively is a whole nother ball of wax.

i can't tell you how many, excuse me for saying this, crappy graphics i see out there on peoples sites....some are HORRIFFIC, yet the people dont even realize that it hurts their business....first impressions count alot, and your eye needs to be pleased BEFORE you read someones incredible copy....

anyways, it was a pleasure and if i can help again. let me know....sorry for the rant.


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