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Building Websites

August 20 2002 at 2:47 PM


I was just about to purchase Site Build It, at http://www.sitesell.com/#SBI , because I have recently bought some other Dr. Ken Evoy products in the last few weeks and have been very impressed. Site Build It is supposed to build a special "theme based website" and also offers search engine optimization etc.

All of Ken Evoy's books clearly indicate that a website should be based on a theme (eg. Golf) and have many, many related pages that are linked to (via text links and nav bar links)the home page and other pages. Anyway, he explains that a website must offer a great deal of content and recommendations of products, but, no hard sell etc. Also, the copy must be clearly benefit related, based on what your target customer wants (not needs).

Anyway, the first thing that hit me when I started reading his books (eg. Make your Site Sell, Make your Words Sell), was that, as he seems to indicate, Mini Sites that sell only (only a few pages in size), should be avoided at all costs - very contrary to what I've read at some other popular sites, but, it seems to make sense. Apparently, people do not want to visit a site to receive a hard sales pitch - they go to a site for information, first and foremost. So, that is why a very soft sell (or Preselling) is necessary to have a good conversion rate and not scare people away.

However, the price is around the $349.00 US. ($500.00 Canadian) level, so, I thought I might as well ask some experts what they think, before I spend a large amount of money (large to me anyways).

I'm sure it is incredibly good like Site Sell's other products, but, I just thought it couldn't hurt to ask. If anyone is using it, or anyone has any comments, please let me know.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Consider this....

August 21 2002, 1:13 PM 

Hi Ken,

Site Build It is an excellent (and evolving) product. More functions are due to be added this month and e-commerce capabilities this September.

Your main concern seems to be the price.

Consider the cost of building a web site, annual hosting, domain name registration and all the other things Site Build It offers.

Then take into account the amount of time SBI can save you with research and search engine listing. It's a very powerful tool. Their are other tools you can buy, but you would need to purchse several to equal what SBI offers.

SBI isn't for everyone...which is why Evoy offers your money back if not satisfied. (Read...you have nothing to lose by trying it).

Evoy states you need no HTML knowledge...but I suggest a basic grasp of it will help when using the SBI web site builder.

I purchased SBI a few weeks back and am working through the process. 10 days? More like "ten steps".

I've been busy with other projects so I haven't finished SBI yet...but if you give me your e-mail addy I will contact you and give you the url of my site so you can see what I've done so far.

Hope this helps.



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web site design

August 21 2002, 4:38 PM 

Hi Ken,

While I am not familiar with Ken Evoy's products, I agree with his assessment of "mini sites" with the sales letter. Namely, they are a dime a dozen and all look the same (since they are template based). I don't believe they are very effective - in fact, as soon as I see one I either skim it for pertinent information or leave it with only a glance back.

I know a lot of people push mini-sites but I think that it's because 1) they are simple and 2) they might be profitting from the recommendation.

I would definitely build a "regular" site - either with or without the help of Mr. Evoy's book. One caution: whichever way you choose to do it, you should learn some html. That way you can edit the code as needed (especially to keep up woth the latest standards). One option to consider is having someone else design the site (working with you on content).

Hope this helps and if I can be of further help with the design of your site - e-mail me,


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Diana Ratliff

New rules of internet marketing... applied to websites

August 21 2002, 5:00 PM 

I, too, would think that Ken Evoy's course is good, based on his past products. However, I DON'T agree with the "minisite" comments, and the proof is in my sales. The way a site is designed is only part of the equation.

I've been selling online about three years, have excellent search engine rankings, have gotten good publicity and so on, but my sales didn't really explode until I learned to IGNORE most of what's touted as Internet wisdom.

Here's my old site:

Here's the site that actually SELLS (and yes, it's a minisite):

What I'm doing differently I learned in a course by Bob Serling, which is available at http://www.dratliff.com/newrules.htm

I hesitated to apply what the guy said at first, but my sales increased BY SIX TIMES in less than one month after changing my site.

I can heartily endorse THIS course; it, too, is guaranteed, and costs about half of Ken Evoy's course. (However, it's more about marketing online than it is about designing sites.)

Diana Ratliff

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your site

August 22 2002, 5:13 AM 


First thing: your site is one of the best designed mini-sites I've seen. My major complaint with mini-sites is that most seem to be based on the same template (width the annoying fixed-width table) and all look pretty much the same.

I noticed that your copy is extremely different on the old home page - it wasn't obvious what you were selling or if you were even selling anything. Just a guess, but I wonder if the increase in sales is do more to the different copy instead of going to a mini-site.

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Steve MacLellan

My two-cents worth...

August 23 2002, 6:39 AM 

Hi Ken,

I don't know what you're planning on selling, so maybe what I am going to suggest to you doesn't apply.

You know I am a web developer, right? Well, Ken, I couldn't write sales copy if my life depended on it. What good would a mini-site be to someone who can't write compelling sales copy? Absolutely, no good. And since it is only a mini-site, with one sales letter and an order link, if they aren't interested the first time they view your site -- there isn't any chance they are going to bookmark it. So you're looking at a lost sale, lost prospect -- and any chance of making money.

My philosophy is very simple, really: "Say WHAT you do; do WHAT you say and PROVE it!" That doesn't mean you have to prove it once. You have to prove it over and over again. I do this with articles on my site. I think everyone of the the daily development tips was written by me. It was content that was previously published in the newsletters I have sent out over the years. So if I can't dazzle 'em with sales copy, I can sure as heck show 'em I know what I'm talking about.


The discussion forum REALLY helps. Man, I got to tell you, it is one of my most visited areas, that equals the amount of views my articles get. Most people lurk, but there are numerous people who have subscribed to the forum. This alerts them to any new posts.

The articles? It would take literally hours to go through all of the articles and tips on my site. So people make bookmarks, and they come back. Each time they come back -- in a lot of cases I'm one step closer to having a new client.

I don't have any doubts that mini-sites work. The questions is: could you make them work for you? I couldn't.

Best Regards,
Steve MacLellan

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Harry Williams

try go daddy software

September 12 2002, 10:57 AM 

try go daddy software: website design it has 470 templates and 2500 images plus it already has a shopping cart attached and built-in and submitting to the search engines, quick guides and plug-ins and more downloadable templates. for $14.95 try it first it will save you money and time
scroll down to web site design

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