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Please Help with eBook Licensing Info! :)

September 11 2002 at 6:50 AM

Hi, I posted before but no one responded...

I just call a call from a university this morning asking about "single use" of my ebook. I do not know how to license the use of an ebook as I don't want to give "reprint rights" (resale rights.) Can anyone help??? I am sure others have run into something similiar to this before in regards to use and distribution.

All the best,

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Harry Williams

responding to you message

September 11 2002, 1:48 PM 

The moment you create your ebook, the US copyright laws protect. However, if you should need to file an infringment lawsuit, you must register. visit

Once you get your copyright, your next step will be to obtain an ISBN.

An ISBN is a 10-dight number that uniquely identifies books and similar products that are published internationally. It is used to uniquely identify one specific title, whether it is a book, ebook or similar product from one specific publisher. This number is completely unique to that one title

If you would like to sell your ebooks in bookstores or online, you'll need to obtain an ISBN. Once you obtain your ISBN, you can submit your title to be listed in the Books in Print database. Bookstores and Libraries refer to Books in Print when they need to order a particular book from a publisher

The current price is $225 for 10 numbers, which is the minimum you can purchase. You can order right online and should receive your numbers within 10 business days.

go to www.isbn.org

This information has been excerpted from shelley lowery
ebook starter book available at www.web-source.net
hope it helps Harry Williams

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EBook Licensing...

September 11 2002, 7:16 PM 

Thank you so much for your detailed reply! However, the ebook is copyrighted. I was referring to the use of the ebook by more than one user. It is often purchased by educational institutions that purchase it to make the information available to students.

I don't want to give resale rights (lose control of its distribution). My research on this topic has brought no solution as of yet.

Thanks again for your kind response.

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Can't help you because...

September 11 2002, 2:35 PM 

...I'm looking for a good agreement/contract regarding this myself.

Let's keep each other informed. I'll post here when I find anything helpful or relevant to our matter. You'll post here when you find anything helpful or relevant to our matter.


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September 11 2002, 7:21 PM 

Thank you!

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This may work...

September 12 2002, 11:39 AM 

Hi Donna,

I assume the university wants to buy your e-book and then print out a "number" of copies for students?

Perhaps you could re-word something like a multi-user software licence agreement to suit your situation. That way you charge $x for "x" copies...

Hope this helps in some way.


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Re: This may work...

September 13 2002, 10:30 AM 

Thanks! Any basic formula to apply toward copies?

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John O'Brien


September 13 2002, 12:07 PM 

Hi Donna,

The "formula" would simply be a scale. For say 10 copies it's $x per copy...20 copies slightly less per copy and so on.

The problem with this type of scenario is we have no control over how many copies will actually be printed and distributed.

Which gives me an idea...

I wonder if the number of copies allowed to be printed can be set/limited in some way? Your multi-licensed end user downloads your e-book and when they have printed "x" copies thats it.

Hopefully someone on this forum can enlighten us to that possibility.



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You are right...

September 14 2002, 8:19 AM 

There would be no way to know how many copies were made. Perhaps I should make the ebook so long it would be cost prohibitive . Hasn't anyone faced this situation before?

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