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Free Software

August 2 2005 at 6:57 PM

Hello all,

I created 2 very useful softwares and I would like to share
these with you.

I guess you're busy, here are the links:

Unblockable PopOver Generator:

Viral Form Generator:

If you click the link you can see what Unblockable PopOver Generator

Viral Form Generator is a little different and it's something
effective actually.

If you giveaway something on your webpage I urge you to use this for
getting viral traffic. If you check out the webpage you'll see what I'm
talking about.

I've been suffering toothache for 4 days and I created these while I was
shouting out loud because of the pain
So, they may have some typing errors, if you can spot one please let me know
and I'll fix it.

I wanna say something more, this is about this forum.
As everyone would agree this is a great forum for marketers and there are lots
of people beginners to experts in this forum. I check this forum regularly and
I don't see new posts.

As I told you that this forum is great because all the others are full of useless
ads. They help(?) by giving others some site URL's with their affiliate ids.

If I've something to ask they reply with a website that they promote.

I see that members here share ideas and experiences.

I really would love to see all the members participate more in this forum.
Ofcourse most of you have no time for this but everyone would really participate
in an open topic.

Anyways, I gotta take another painkiller.

Take care everyone...


P.S: Many thanks to Ken Silver for that forum...
I really don't know how you keep this forum that clean but it's great.

In only 2 minutes with only 2 steps
you can create your own 100% profitable,
automated, online business.
Ready to sell, Ready to build a list.


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August 31 2005, 6:30 AM 

I liked the software about popups.

Thanks so much... It is sure great tool...

Why don't you sell the software instead of give it free.

You can get traffic from search engines - there are plenty people online who would like your software..

Karl Smith
Get the 'Insider Secrets To Market Successfuly With Safelists".

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Re: Great

September 14 2005, 7:57 PM 

Hey Karl,

Thanks a lot for your nice comments.
And I'm sorry I replied a little late.
I was busy with my offline venture.

As I see lately people think that this tool is
hard to use. I can't understand why

It's free because it includes ads. Another thing is that
I created that with a software builder and took about 15 minutes.

I'm not a greedy man My target is to use this as a viral product.

I'm thinking about creating something more advanced and that will
be free too. I'm also thinking about creating some other marketing
related tools.

Thanks again Karl and I'll let you know when I create another software.


In only 2 minutes with only 2 steps
you can create your own 100% profitable,
automated, online business.
Ready to sell, Ready to build a list.


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This is one of the better forum's IMHO

October 22 2005, 12:30 PM 

Hi Mustafa,

Thank you for the free downloads. I agree with you about this being a friendly forum.

I haven't posted here for several years. The links in my old posts go to a site I don't even own. But I have always found the readers here to be very helpful and kind, both to expert and beginner.

Giving away great tools is a good way to go viral. I am currently compiling a new list of article directory sites that people can submit articles too. I started one on sept 10, 2005, and in six weeks it already has almost 1500 articles and a google pr of 3.

articles411.com Everybody is welcome to post their articles there, I will be posting more here in the future. I am more focused than I used to be, doing more actual work than looking around, but I will be posting here again more often.

Kindest regards,
Laurie Meade

I also have a new article marketing forum, you can find it by visiting my profile at my site.

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