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How to Get the Best from Your eBook Cover Designer

September 17 2015 at 2:29 AM

Although most authors have no clue about graphic design, it does not change the fact it plays an essential role in creating a professional eBook. However, no need to panic as there are several eBook cover designers out there ready to give a helping hand. To ensure it’s an exciting and positive experience, it’s important to have the right approach when working with them. Not only this, by doing so the result will be a cover that looks great, attractive and compelling. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. Complete the eBook
Most authors, especially those who have taken on huge projects, often think about getting things done ahead of time. Therefore, even though when the work isn’t finished, they begin to consider starting work on the cover. It may seem like the right thing to do, but it’s advised to wait till you are done with writing the eBook. After all, who knows what the eBook may turn out to be about, and an irrelevant cover at that point would only postpone the launch further.

2. Ensure They Have the Right Information
Good cover designers will always ask the author questions, either face-to-face or electronically, about their eBook. This commonly includes things, such as the theme, storyline as well as any important characters or scenes. That’s not all. They may also ask the author whether they have a specific design in mind or if there are any covers that inspire them. At times, it may be easy to get lost in all the questions they ask, but it’s important to ensure you provide the right answers.

3. Responsiveness is Important
The process of working with an eBook cover designer is usually like this:
• Designer receives the information.
• Designer sends over some ideas.
• Author expresses their thoughts about them.
• Repeat.
Keep in mind the faster the response, the quicker they will be able to send over the work. As a matter of fact, work on the cover can take some time, especially during the time the designer is refining the design. But it is possible to make things go smoother and quicker by responding to questions or proofs within one day.

4. Be Specific
When the designer sends over work, authors should not only tell them whether they liked or disliked it, but also give relevant reasoning why. It is understandable writing and designing are two entirely different mediums, but inform the designer clearly. It can be hard to reject a design, but it’s something you have to. Moreover, although it may not seem entirely necessary, authors should also point out why they liked something in the design, as it can prove useful for the designer down the line.

5. Have Faith in Them
Last, but not the least, authors need to understand the fact a good design does not come up overnight. At times, it may even seem like things are not working out, but this doesn’t mean it will stay that way. Cover designers have the knowledge and tools to provide the design you are looking for, all you need to do is to have faith in them and their abilities.

With these tips in mind, authors will be able to get the best from their eBook cover designers, which will result in the creation of a killer cover!

Article Source:http://damonza.com

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