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An Answer To A UK Enquirer...

January 17 1999 at 11:23 AM
Ken Silver 

I answered the questions in the following message by email, but I felt they would have some interest for readers as an interesting information background to my self-publishing business...

>Does your system translate over here (UK)?

The Info-Publishing Knowledge Pack was originally written for NZ conditions (with postal information and the like included), but has been revamped to international standards.

You won't find references to UK in particular in the manual, but certainly the principles and follow-through are globally and universally applicable in all countries that have newspapers and a postal service. Most of my international sales are from the US, with about 5% from UK and Ireland. I've had no returns whatsoever, apart from the 80 year-old gent in my own country!

> Second, what subjects have you had most success with publishing? Did you write about what you knew already or did you do research on relevant subjects?

One of the several products I developed was an amazingly successful Lotto system which has sold thousands over the years. I'm not a gambler - it was researched and written as an intellectual challenge over several years - but it proved to be a winner both for me and my buyers.

The interesting thing was that there are many lotto 'systems' out there, but the mail-order marketing system I developed sold them amazingly well...enough for me to live on, as you know from my site. My info-manual buyers get the lotto system too, as part of the manual offer.

It is the SUBJECT of your manual that is the most important part. Original content, based on your unique skills and experiences (everyone has one they can succeed with - even in a giant corporation :-) ), that makes up the core secret in this profitable business.

>Finally, is there life in "traditional" M/O businesses today?

Most definitely. Even though I'm promoting the digital side of my business now through the Net, the amount of mail-order sales I get from the tiny population here (3.3 million...less than the pop. of London) is continuing to be more than enough for a very comfortable living. And only 10% of the world's population is on the internet...there's many, many years left in the snail-mail business.

I bring one big advantage to my info-publishing product that few others do...the consultation commitment to my buyers. No course or manual can fully substitute for tailored, practical advice from someone who has sweated the beginnings and gone through to success. That's why my manual sells so well.

Ken Silver
*The Profitable Self-Publisher*

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