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QuickTip #29: The Most Crucial Part Of Your Website Package

March 27 1999 at 7:40 PM
Ken Silver 


Ken Silver's QuickTip #29

You're flipping through the newspaper one afternoon, and suddenly
an ad catches your eye. It's about that special gizmo you wanted,
but could never find. The ad has a phone number, so you race to
the telephone and dial the number.

No answer. Strange.

Later in the day you try again. Still no reply. You hop in your car
and head down to the mall where their shop is located. It's after
hours, so you know they won't be open, but hey - you just need to
check it out. Sure enough the shop's there. Over the next couple
of days you ring them again...all with the same effect - no reply.

This offline version typifies the problem I've been having making
contact of not one - but two webmasters the past week. Their sites
are operating, they give their email addresses, but not one has
replied to my mail.

What do you think I feel about them? Right!...Downright lousy.

Their reputation has taken a dive in my opinion, and it will take
a long while for me to trust them again.

One of the things that distinguishes a good business from the
amateurs is being professional in every aspect of our e-business.
Responding to queries in good time is an essential part of that.

- The best businesses respond to all their mail.
- The best businesses strive to answer queries immediately.
- Because the internet is open 24 hours, the best businesses have a
24/7 operation.
- The best businesses respond quickly and say that they're working
on a solution if the question is complex or will take a while.

What causes these problems to happen? Here's why...

The internet has spawned a huge number of sites owned by people who
have no previous commercial sense. Because they have no business
experience, they haven't learnt the crucial factors that go to make
up a successful enterprise.

A successful site is measured not by the killer app it provides, but
by the seemingly non-essentials of:

* service,
* speed of response,
* friendliness and openness

...towards their prospects and buyers.

Got any mail you haven't gotten around to replying to? You know what
to do!

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