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Ken, how do you do this?

April 5 1999 at 1:16 PM

Hi Ken,

I'm slowly absorbing the information from your manual. It is so full of great information it will take me a while to read it all. I am very impressed by the quality and the amount of information presented.

Here's my question:

When I ordered the manual, it took a while to receive it (one to two hours). While this is great speed, I have to assume you sent it to me manually. Am I correct? Do you know of any ways to send PDF files automatically, such as thru an autoresponder?

Thanks a lot, I will continue to read your book and let you know my final opinions.

Take Care,

Jerry Ruppel
Ready Resources
Promotional Marketing & Advertising

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About Automated Sending.

April 6 1999, 4:36 AM 

Hi Jerry,

To answer your last question first, I don't know of any autoresponder service that will allow you to send attachments or files.

I've looked at several, but they won't do this.

It's more common to send new buyers the location of a webpage that contain the files for FTP download, and I used to do this. Many buyers prefer this option because they're understandably nervous about receiving attachments with their mail. (By the way, because I use a Mac - and have no PC virus infections - my buyers can be confident about receiving my files to their computer quite safely).

However there were some problems with my host and FTPing, and the files gave downloading problems. It was also difficult to protect the page the way it was set up, and I eventually found it easier to send them as email attachments.

The delay is a mechanical one. Once credit card approval gets back to me from my call center (usually in minutes), my email program is timed to send the files off when it next checks the mail. I had this on a 1 hour phase when you ordered, but have now sped up the process to open every 10 minutes.

Thanks too for your kind comments on my Info-Pack. Hope you've got your own manual ideas forming!

Ken Silver

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Autoresponder with attachment..

April 8 1999, 12:56 AM 

I've seen a company that allows an attachment to an autoresponder, I'd have to check my bookmarks.

But I think it is better if you send an ftp address for download. (or by e-mail yourself).

Since, if your autoresponder address gets out, you'll have to change it, could be too much of a hasle.

Troy McDonald

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April 7 1999, 5:47 PM 

You could have a look at Mailloop at www.mailloop.com. It claims to do everything but walk the dog for you!

This seems to be a very sophisticated mail management program with lots of features for automation.

I have no experience of it. Does anyone else?

Paul Rogers
Imagic Communications

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A Well-Known Mailloop User...

April 7 1999, 9:46 PM 

...Corey Rudl uses Mailloop. In one of his newsletters he says. "We use it every day, as it has been solely responsible for making my business over $70,000 so far this year."

He also was an agent for the program at one stage.

Ken Silver

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Attachments are .txt

April 7 1999, 11:30 PM 

Thanks Ken,

I had a look at the Mailloop site but I think the filter/autoresponder function only sends .txt files and not others like PDFs. Could be wrong though.

I think Corey Rudl still promotes it.


Paul Rogers

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Corey Rudl & Mailloop

April 8 1999, 5:44 AM 

Corey Rudl actually owns Mailloop. I believe he bought the rights.

> Corey Rudl uses Mailloop. In one of his newsletters he says. "We use it every day, as it has been solely responsible for making my business over $70,000 so far this year."

He didn't say HOW it earned him $70,000. Whether he acquired it before or after that statement, I don't know.

To Your Online Marketing Success,
Marty Foley

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