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How to get started?

September 25 2000 at 1:57 PM

Dear Ken,
I am in the process of completing my eBook and i wanted to know your advise on how to get started without having any knowledge of merchant accounts, automation, etc etc?

I am studying in depth your eBook secrets and find some of the information scary and confusing, because of my limited understanding of the web world. But, even though i am pretty new to the computer world, i definitely see that it is the way to go.

I do not have capital, nor the luxury to quit my regular job.

How would i start with such little knowledge of the web?

Also, one very important distinction is that my eBook is not a "how-to" manual, but rather a guide. There is not a way to turn it into a "for profit" type of reading...as you suggest on page 115 of your eBook secrets. The "guide" was written (90%) before i came across your fantastic eBook Secrets manual.

do you suggest starting with a whole new idea since it is not a "how to" manual related to making money?

I also read your website on the Ezi-site, and it appears to be for small businesses with 40 or more products to sell. And it is also for people with money to invest.

What about the 1 person business with only 1 eBook to sell and no capital?

jenny perez
ps. Thanks for your prompt answers to my previous e-mails that i sent you earlier today. Talk about excellent service!

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September 25 2000, 4:23 PM 

Hi, Jenny -

Visit ebookgraphics - it's a free content site with all the info you need to get started. Download the free ebook of ebook-related articles (lots of marketing articles, too). We've also gots lots of freeware, free templates, html info, etc. It's a site designed for people who aren't sure what to do next...


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Getting Started, From The Beginning...

September 25 2000, 7:45 PM 

Hi Jenny,

There are several things about your post that give me confidence about your abilities to make a go of e-publishing.

First, your writing is friendly and personal, not stilted and professorial. So I know your ebook is going to be down-to-earth and usable.

Secondly - you have posted on this forum! This means you have some experience in the mechanics of the net... know how to use your computer to find and log in to this forum, and so you automatically have a working knowledge of all the other basic technicalities that go with it.

It doesn't get much more complicated than that. Use the forum to gain the knowledge you need exactly WHEN you need it... not by trying to rush through everything in a day.

We'll all help you along - there are some great minds on this forum.

Without seeing your guide, I don't know whether it can be turned into a manual, but the similarities between the two types of information are quite close... I don't think you'll have much problem rewriting the bits to change the concept around to the more profitable "how-to" manual.

Yes, Ezi-Site (http://www.ezi-site.com) is more for the small to medium business, but you can do wonders with a limited website builder such as BigStep (http://www.bigstep.com). This will whet your appetite for more.

The answer is to start small, get advice from the friendly and giving folk on this forum and others, and above all - persist...

Best regards,
Ken Silver
"Ezi-Site - The Easiest Way To Create Your Own
Automated e-Commerce Site In Minutes!"

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Steve Strahl

Another option

September 26 2000, 1:10 AM 


Another thing you could do is submit your ebook to www.booklocker.com and see if it gets accepted. They will sell your ebook for you and take 50% of the profits. It may sound like a lot, but they do all of the work for you on that end.

Steve Strahl
Diamond Publishing


Does your web host pay YOU?

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That's good advice

September 26 2000, 3:58 PM 

Hi Steve,

I agree – that's good advice you offer Jenny, but I have one small correction: Booklocker.com pays 70% royalties for non-exclusive rights (meaning writers can sell their books via print publishers or other epublishers if they wish).

That's the best royalties and rights deal in the business (some epublishers offer as little as 15 - 30% royalties and keep the ebooks all to themselves ... I've heard horror stories of writers signing an exclusive contract, not getting any sales and also not being able to break the contract or sell elsewhere. So it pays to shop around).

I haven't marketed any books through Booklocker but I've purchased a number, and I believe Angela Adair-Hoy is one of the best epublishers around. It pays when you're working with a fellow writer, not just a hawker.

Hope this helps.



Michael Meanwell
The Meanwell Store
P.O. Box 21, Forest Hill, Victoria 3131 Australia

*** eBooks for pleasure, productivity and prosperity ***

Visit http://www.meanwellstore.com

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I believe they pay %70 on prices over $8.95 (dno).

September 27 2000, 10:17 AM 


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