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Understanding domain name registration

October 14 2000 at 12:24 PM


I'm searching for the concerns and services I should be aware of in registering domain names. I really don't know what to look for. The notion of paying $35 for something I can get for $10 or less seems silly, yet I bet there must be some services included or not and I ask you to help me understand what those are.

Is it common for the registrar to also supply the email redirect and if so for any and all variations sent to my domain? Are some of the cheaper registrars simply registering? If I go that route where can I get redirecting to my site and broad redirect services to my domain and email service providers?

My hosting site is free, I do not have a dialup account, I receive free access through other means and utilize top quality free email services.

Show me how I can make this work, please, I welcome your explanations and referrals to solutions.


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Bill Whiteside

May-be this will help.

October 15 2000, 5:06 AM 

Hello Satya,

The $35 you speak of is for a one year registration for your domain name, .com or .net.
Registering a domain name (Your Domain Name) is like staking your claim to your own little piece of the internet, its like having "your own store" on the high street.
When you use a free service such as yahoo, xoom, geocity or any of the multitude of free hosting services you'r a sub tenent.
Think about it, would you rather be http://www.katya.com or http://www.whateveryourfreehostis/~katya.com? Having your own domain is a MUST if your serious about doing business on the net.
Use these free hostings as doorway pages to your domain.

First you must chose (carefully) a domain name, give it some thought as it could become valuable. (business.com was sold last year for several "Million" dollars) Then you have to do a search to see if the domain name you have chosen is free, if it's free then you can register that name. You can use http://www.register.com/ for this. The register may or may not be a host company, if they are "not" a host company then you will have to find a host for your domain, I can recommend http://www.addr.com they give value for money, service and reliability.

I reside in Australia but I have a couple of domains hosted with addr.com in the USA, Why? I searched around and found (in my opinion) that they offered the best value for money. I have "unlimited" email addresses, autosponders, guest book and all the trimings. By the way, the registration company has nothing to do with redirecting your mail, unless the registration company is also your host. Redirecting mail is a job for the host company. This mail redirecting is no big deal, you can configure your mail program to check "all" your mail boxes through your local ISP, same as I do:-)

Hope this helps, if you need further assistance drop me a note.

Bill Whiteside.
Australian Citizen.
Domains hosted in the US of A.:-)

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Ken Silver

An extra word of caution...

October 15 2000, 11:44 AM 

Hi Satya,

Bill's advice is excellent and covers much ground.

Just be aware too, when you're wondering about the difference between lost-cost domain name providers and the higher-rated ones, that many of the low priced ones just offer a registration service.
When it comes to reminding you about re-registering in 2 year's time, many don't do this and you could be left without a registered domain name - if you haven't reminded yourself.

Best regards,
Ken Silver
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