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Help with JV needed

December 9 2000 at 11:06 AM

I have had several offers to Joint Venture for my almost completed e-book creating business web sites.

Unfortunately, I have never dealt with JV before and have no idea what to ask, or what to expect.

How does it work, and how do people trust each other to share the $$$...

Any advice would be appreciated


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The best advice on joint ventures comes from ......

December 10 2000, 11:41 PM 


I could give you a swag of advice on joint ventures, however the best advice I can give you is to learn from the joint venture king himself.

Mike Enlow, The Grandfather of Internet marketing.

Mike is endorsed by many of the worlds most respected marketing consultants like: Jay Abraham, Ted Nicholas, Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Brad Richdale, Mark Nolan, Jerry Buchanon, and others, Even the great Corey Rudl himself, was one of his most successful students.

If you go to his Web site; http://www.enlow.com
you will find some free information on the power of joint ventures.

Hope this helps

Warmest Regards

Ricky Higgs


Author of the e-book
- Sell Your Brain On The Net

Website: http://www.1website1.com
mailto: rickyhiggs@1website1.com

Ricky Higgs ONLINE – Ebook & Marketing Forum

The B.O.A.R.D. – Business Online Article Review Digest

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Can't get to enlow's site

December 12 2000, 3:53 AM 

I just tried on my Mac's IE 5.0 and can't seem to get to his site... I know I have been there before, so it must be a minute problem...

Thanks, will definitely try his site again.


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