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identifying ads

January 13 2001 at 6:55 PM

Hi my name is david my ? is how do i identifiy ads from two ezine ,see I set up these joint venture deals
an I need to know how to identifiy where each one is coming from so each ezine owner will get paid right.
thanks in a advance.

Is there any way you can do these for free

PS iam new to these so go easy lol

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David.... You're A Thinking Marketer ...That's What I like To See

January 13 2001, 11:23 PM 

Hi David,

This is what you need to do....

Firstly, I'll assume like any marketer on the Web worth their salt, is you have a stats tracker in place to track whose visiting your web pages.

Okay, all you need to do is set up two doorway or gateway pages on your Web site.

e.g. www.mysite.com/pagename1.html

and the second www.mysite.com/pagename2.html

On each doorway page you place a "redirection script" which automatically redirects your visitor to the page you want (the page with more information about your ad or your index page).

Email me if you want a script to do this.

On each of these doorway pages, you install your tracking code.

In each of the two ezine ads, you advertise a DIFFERENT link to each of these pages.

e.g. Ezine #1 ....link = www.mysite.com/pagename1.html

Ezine #2 .....link = www.mysite.com/pagename2.html

You don't promote or publish the links to these doorway pages anyway else.... So if anyone visits them, then they must have come from the two ads.

Your stats tracker, will then tell you which of the two ezines proved to be the most popular in terms of giving you a good response to your ad.

Now, there are other ways of tracking your ads, using adtracker software....

However this is the simplest way, and you don't need to get hold of or buy any other software...

My philosophy... "Why make it harder than it has to be"


Warmest Regards & Success,

Ricky Higgs

GateKeeper of "Who's Who" on the Web

Author of the e-book
- Sell Your Brain On The Net

Website: http://www.1website1.com

Ricky Higgs ONLINE – Ebook & Marketing Forum




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Ricky, this is fascinating, could you tell us a little more or how

January 18 2001, 7:06 AM 

we can use this.

I'm not sure I get it.

I'll read the post over, and then e-mail you how I'd like to do this and of course, I don't want to impose, but perhaps you could tell me how I could use this at sowpub. Thanks.

Gordon Alexander

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Which stat service do you recommend?

January 30 2001, 2:07 AM 

Ricky, you mentioned using a good stat-tracking service, and I'm wondering what you recommend. I have used HitBox, which gives a great deal of info and is also FREE, but nearly every time I try to log in to view my stats I get an error message saying it can't process my request and to come back later.



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Diana.... Tracking visitors on your Web site

January 30 2001, 2:42 AM 

Hi Diana,

Before I tell you which I use, I'll just go into a little background info on stats tracking for the benefit of Ken's readers, and who may not fully understand site tracking...

For any online marketer, the ability to know who’s been visiting your Web site and which pages they visit is paramount.

This is called “stats tracking”, and you do this by installing tracking software on your site.

With the right tracker installed you can glean the following information;

How many hits you are getting to each page in your site
How many unique visitors visit each day
Weekly and monthly statistical data
The visitor’s country
Their exact time of visit
What browser and monitor resolution they are viewing your site in.
The referring Web site or Search Engine or where they're coming from.

How long they stay, entry and exit pages and more.

The information you collect can help you;

Make informed decisions about improving your site.

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing and promotional strategies

Determine which pages of your site are the most popular and the pages no one bothers to open

Understand visitor buying patterns

Redesign your site and improve the more frequented
pages while eliminating or improving the ones they don’t view.

The alternatives are to use;

Purchased Software:

This is an expensive option but can provide the most detailed results.
A good choice is a package from


They are considered to be the leader in tracking programs. They provide a trial copy for you to check out before you part with your money.

Others in this category worth checking out are:


Fast Stats   


Use a free tracking service or a service you pay for

The disadvantage of using free stats is that you usually have to place a banner advertising the company or a public button on your site. This means that your visitors can view your stats and see how popular your site is or not… Bad for business!

Some of them do have password protection so only you can view them and most offer an upgrade to the paid service.

Here are some worth looking at;


The counter


Professional SuperStats

Site Gauge

Or make use of the stats your Web host provides.

The final option is your Web host. Some are able to supply you with all the statistics you could want, while others don’t provide any.
Ask them and find out if you will have to pay for this service.
Usually they supply you with this information for free as an add-on to their Web hosting service.

Whichever stats tracking option you choose depends on personal preferences , what you are prepared to pay and the sophistication of data tracked…. The important thing is that you have one!

Which one do I use.... Well my preference is Stattrax

Hope this helps

Warmest Regards & Success

Ricky Higgs

Author of the e-book
- Sell Your Brain On The Net

Website: http://www.1website1.com
mailto: rickyhiggs@1website1.com

Ricky Higgs ONLINE – Ebook & Marketing Forum

The B.O.A.R.D. – Business Online Article Review Digest

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Thanks! What a comprehensive answer. I'll check 'em out! (DNO)

February 2 2001, 2:05 AM 


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January 14 2001, 12:18 AM 

Take a look at (http://dtp-aus.com/cgiscript/lnkinlte.shtml) Linklite written by Ron Woolley. It is a great CGI script for tracking where your email advertising clicks are coming from.

Best Regards,
Steve MacLellan

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