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Your not factual

by Anonymous (no login)


Sorry, there is no lab test that shows ozone is 100% effective in killing bacteria. please pass on the "documented evidence" that Esporta is ineffective, other than an ozone pamphlet. Your right, Esporta is not a dry process, it is a more effective wet wash deep into the gear - both open and closed foam - to kill the bacteria eating away the equipment (that's why the gear stinks to begin with), something ozone physically can't do, there is no "misting" involved. If the operator didn't clean your leg pads, that was their choice, not a limitation of Esporta as we do lots of them. There is no gear that Esporta can't clean and disinfect.
I guess the football and hockey players at the five high schools and two colleges we do must have tough skin - as well as the Mighty Ducks, the Minnesota Vikings, major teams in Hockey East ,etc. They don't care that it takes longer than an hour as they know it's more effective. (again if your gear is not perfectly dry, ozone is even less effective than normal)

If you want to sell your service through your site, please do it factually. It appears people come here to get some good information, you should stop spouting the misinformation that the ozone makers throw out there. Again, you have some documents to the contrary, let's see them. 3/4 of the Esporta process are low pH and enzyme detergents and all natural biodegradable fragrance. The other is an effective (more effective) disinfectant to kill 99.997% of bacteria (including MRSA), mold and fungus.

Again, just trying to make sure your providing accurate information to those interested in playing a great sport safely.

Posted on Dec 17, 2007, 5:27 PM
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