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The Terrahawks Theme

December 1 2001 at 7:01 PM

I have just been listening to the Terrahawks tune, downloadable from the relevant page; I had forgotten what a blissful sound it was! As a 10-year-old, I used to listen to it mesmerised, and urge the noughts to win at the end!

Blimey, with such outstandingly superb theme tunes, on top of everything else, how did Starfleet and Terrahawks fade from the general public's favour? Oh well, I have pondered that many a time before, and so have other people here.

I recall one girl in my secondary school saying she much preferred Thunderbirds to Terrahawks. I couldn't understand her thinking that (although I was very fond of her, don't get me wrong!) I thought Thunderbirds appeared boring and dated in comparison; but it seems as if the majority of the population agreed with my friend.

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Chris Snape

Current taste

December 1 2001, 8:53 PM 

Thunderbirds has the advantage of being a lot more famous than Terrahawks. Plus the fact that everyones parents used to watch it. But I agree with you: Thunderbirds seems slow moving and uninteresting compared with other puppet shows, Terrahawks included. Although Captain Scarlet was better than Thunderbirds. Maybe Gerry Anderson just got better as he went on?!


Dunderbirds are Gay!!!

December 2 2001, 12:33 AM 

Oh those litle wooden tops with there stif hair and there equaly stif upper-lips, how i dreamed that one day they would all end up on a heap roasting like some strange MFI sale gone up in smoke. As for Cap'n Scarlet, the dude ruled bigtime and was way better than Terrahawks. Ok I know old red was also wooden but with that Cary Grant impersanation and that memory wiped feel Cap had it made in the shade, until that is the Jap's and there unstopable metla jugernauts enterd the fray. Star Fleet on the other hand was a peice of art that encorperated all the elements of clasic Godzilla films, Andersons expert puppetry and some slick Musioc by Paul Bliss to round it off. Dunderbirds where just plane Gay. I think only Alan or the brother who piloted Dunderbird two actualy had a steady girl. And for christ sakes Brains was Elton John with a stammer. YYYYEEESs MMMr Tttracey...OOH FuCCKK Thisss Ssshow RRRealy Bbbites...
That poor bugger in Thunderbird 5 though stuck up there 24-7 waiting for some over the top superhyped macheine to go haywire, Very Dull life indeed. But hey at least he got to spy on the Hefner and all those scantly clad babes.


Running time.

December 2 2001, 7:14 AM 

Heh, well how do you follow a post like that? I Think Thunderbird's is ok, it is slow, but it wasn't their fault. Anderson's original brief was to make ThunderBirds a half hour show. When he delivered it to the money men they were so impressed by it's film like qualities they asked him if he could extend it to 50 minutes, this meant they had to make 20 minutes of filler material for each episode, thats why when you watch an episode of ThunderBirds it seems to drag on and on and on... I bet if it was recut to it's original running time it would be a much more enjoyable watch. I would agree with Dave there is a certain amount of campness atributed to the show, what the hell does the guy up in the space station do with himself all day anyway? At least Hiro from Terrahawks had 101 for company, now he definitely was as camp as a row of tents.


Re: The Terrahawks Theme

December 2 2001, 2:51 PM 

I never really got into Thunderbirds or Stingray, even as a child; Terrahawks was thus better than I anticipated. I was missing Starfleet when Terra started, so I began to watch it as a substitute, and soon loved it for its own sake. I'm sure my area didn't receive every Terrahawks episode, though: I have only seen Cystar's baby Birlgoy on a website.

One day I will probably bid for some of the episodes on Ebay (preferably some that I have never seen) but not just yet, as I have spent over £100 on an auction for Full House videos.

Andy Thomas (moderator)

Earlier memories...

December 2 2001, 8:10 PM 

My Anderson memories stretch back a little further - ITV showed Fireball XL5 at one point (black and white, very early puppetry) and I also remember Joe 90 a bit as well. I find Stingray a bit cheesey now, but did like the look of the sub and Marineville sinking to go to battlestations with the funky drum beat! Thunderbirds could, I agree, be a bit drawn out - always the stock footage of the launches, but you have to admit it was brilliantly thought out. I never quite understood how the mole could go backwards though - it had little caterpillar tracks or something?
I think you have to give Anderson's shows due credit for perfecting the "overly complex launch sequences from cunningly disguised buildings" method of getting the heroes into action. The Terrahawks launch sequences certainly gave the Tbirds ones a run for their money.
Has anyone got any idea why Terrahawks hasn't resurfaced? Having rewatched a couple of episodes I have to say it's completely 80s and very out there, and it isn't a "pure" Anderson show - perhaps there are issues with the rights or something. Like Star Fleet is seems to have got onto videos OK but the TV rights don't seem to have been picked up since...



Re: The Terrahawks Theme

December 3 2001, 6:44 PM 

I have never seen Joe 90; they're repeating Captain Scarlet at the mo, and I'm afraid it hasn't captivated me. Starfleet and Terrahawks both knocked spots off any of the older Anderson progs I have seen.

The preferences of the general public will remain an eternal mystery to me: I mean, Thunderbirds didn't have any cute robots like the Zeroids; Lady Penelope wasn't a great singer like Kate Kestrel (Kate was actually better than many real popstars); and as far as I recall, there weren't any Thunderbirds villains as memorable as the grotesque Zelda! Oh well, each to their own.


Fireball XL5 rocks

December 3 2001, 7:43 PM 

I remember watching Fireball XL5 reruns as a kid during the hols and I thought it rocked. It had its own 60's charm to it. What I loved about it was it was very english in a James Bond, Dr. No sort of way despite everyone speaking with American accents.


Re: The Terrahawks Theme

December 5 2001, 10:40 PM 

I have placed bids for 2 of the Terrahawks videos on Ebay, after all; I have realised that I can wait the rest of my life, until I am as old as Zelda, for them to repeat it on TV, but that's probably not going to happen.

I noticed that one bidder named himself after a character (Yung star), so if he is that dedicated to the programme, he will probably outbid me, and he probably deserves; anyway, what will be, will be.

I will be careful not to buy back the same few episodes I recorded at the time. (Anyway, I don't think they were released on any of the commercial videos) I really did watch those until I was sick of them; and although there have been moments in the past 15 years or so when I regretted recording over them, I would much rather purchase those I am less familiar with.

Simon Coverdale

Are you rachel22 etc.?

December 6 2001, 2:31 PM 

Hello Rachel,

Are you Rachel22 ...... ?


Andy Thomas (moderator)

Judging by...

December 6 2001, 3:23 PM 

...the email address she gave when she started this thread, yes, she is. Are you going to be nice and sell her the vid even if she doesn't hit the reserve?



Hawkwing for sale

December 6 2001, 10:56 PM 

Have you seen the Hawkwing prop up for auction on there at the moment? Nearly 2 grands worth! That was my fav bit of kit from the show, not sure I would (or could) shell out that much for it though. Now if it was the X Bomber....

Andy Thomas (moderator)


December 6 2001, 11:22 PM 

It does look like an impressive piece of kit, doesn't it Shane? As you say, though, it's a hell of a lot to fork out! I don't remember my toy version of it looking quite so... dirty!



Re: The Terrahawks Theme

December 7 2001, 7:25 PM 

Yes, I am, Simon. I have just placed another bid for vol 4, and sent you a question via Ebay. I have so far offered £6.00, as I am the first bidder.

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