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Did you know....

December 8 2001 at 3:59 PM
Shane Perry 

....that Denise Bryer was married to Nicholas Parsons, the cheese master himself, who among other things is probably best known for his 70's game show: Sale of the Century?
I was looking for some info on Makara's ace voice artist, and found an old interview circa 1982/83 with Nicholas Parsons who mentioned that his wife was a voiceover artist who along with himself had worked on various ealier Gerry Anderson shows, he went on to say that his wife used the stage name: Denise Bryer (presumably Denise kept the Bryer while working but was known privately as Denise Parsons) I'm not sure if they are still married, but I guess if there is anyone out there looking for info on Denise they might find what they are looking for by searching out info on Nicholas Parsons, maybe he has an autobiography or suchlike?
I also found out that Denise did a number of story LP's during the 60's with full Orchestral accompaniment, which I am gonna have a good look for. I've already seen one on the web, which I might try and get hold of.


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Andy Thomas (moderator)

From memory...

December 8 2001, 4:42 PM 

...Denise seems to have had two periods when she did a lot of work, but was very quiet in between. She did Zelda and Makara in the 80s, and I think something in Labyrinth off the top of my head, and some other stuff as you Shane in the 60s but nothing in between or after. I think Mike asked one of his interviewees about her and apparently he'd not heard of her? Perhaps Dave and Mike's researches have found some information relating to her?




December 8 2001, 10:54 PM 

Now I'm not hear to brag or anything but wait a week or so and you will see something very special that's conected to nick parsons, denese and myself. Oh bugger it might as well tell you. i got a letter in the post about a week ago now from nicholas parsons, apparently he's now divorced but keepps in regular contact with denese, he was also very kind to forward my e-mail details onto her. So fingers crossed sfp will have another exclusive interview. Oh yes and before anyone starts saying "well we haven't seen the first two yet. they will be up by wednesday.

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