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Forum Guidelines

February 27 2009 at 9:13 AM
Jerry Schieffer  (no login)

Welcome to the Carvingpost!

This forum is provided by the United Chainsaw Carvers Guild. You do not need to create an account and login to post as long as your name or email address is attached to it. Just remember its a big microphone, even though we estimate only 2 5% actually post or respond, the Carvingpost currently hovers between 6 to 10,000 hits daily which is way more than a few people looking in more than once.

This forum was created for use as a professional message board, and topic related educational resource, maintained in a PG format, Personal interactions and debates are a big part of this and welcomed, so long as they are conducted in a courteous and respectful manner. Malicious comments, foul language, and/or personal attacks will be deleted. In other words please keep it friendly! The UCCG reserves all rights to monitor and/or edit as we find appropriate.

Please remember to sign your words, anonymous post's are prohibited. Many regular users have "pen names" which may confuse a new-comer, but is very helpful to our monitors.

Otherwise- Welcome! Enjoy the words, wisdom, and photos of carvers from all around the world coming together in this one little cyber spot. We come from many different cultures, places, and levels of experience, but all sharing a common passion for what we do, and a desire to share our experience in a safe and friendly environment. We look forward to hearing from you too!

And remember to sign our "Where you from" link located at the top of the page!

This page is under construction, updates soon with picture posting help.

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United Chainsaw Carvers Guild
(Premier Login carvingpost)

Net 54- Picture posting help

January 1 2011, 8:33 AM 

First step you must login,
begin a new post,
click down into the message area then
scroll down the screen and click on "insert object"
left screen click "temporary files"
click "upload"
click "browse"
This window opens up your pc, find your pic there and double click on it
[note- it must be formatted in jpeg and have no spacing in the code]
Click the "upload" button right next to the browse button.
wait a little & give it a chance to load,
your pic should eventually come up in the right screen
[note- if it does not you have to start over with a smaller pic,
the file size is too big]
next click on "insert link" button.
this will bring you back to the "post-message" screen and there will be a long code# ending in .JPG
scroll down the screen and click "preview"
[note- always preview, if your pic does not come up on the preview screen it didn't work. do not let a word or letter touch the picture address, there must be a break between them or it will not work]

Tips- crop your picture before scanning, focus on the subject, cut out as much background, unless of course it's that kind of photo. Small pics load faster, high resolution pics take longer and can blow the screen out sideways. Scan pics at a low dpi, 200? put your text & descriptions at the top of the message screen above the photo JPG link so people can read what's coming up while it downloads.

Hypertext links
If you post a web-site, for example www.uccg.org readers have to copy/paste, or type in the address. If you prefix your site with http:// (exactly as it appears in your browser address box) it will come up as a hyperlink, just click & go-http://www.uccg.org

All pics using this method are temporary and last only a couple weeks. Good luck!

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United Chainsaw Carvers Guild
(Premier Login carvingpost)

Photobucket Help

January 1 2011, 8:46 AM 

This post was from Jason Sodorlund, it's a few years old and may need to be up-dated but should help. Thanks J


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Jerry Schieffer
(no login)

Photo step by step using Network 54 realm

May 25 2011, 7:02 AM 

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