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March 18 2017 at 10:30 AM
steve backus  (Login carveorstarve)

Bet that made you look!?

Even you teary eyed folks that don't like this stuff but looked anyway!

Hope all is well in Ridgway and that many carvers are meeting each other to form bonds that will span the decades, many of these relationships will be strong for some, ok for others, and a few will become antagonistic.

As the title of my post indicates this could be of the antagonistic Varity.

A couple years back a portly promoter from the Pittsburg area started a post with that title at the top, thus allowing me a wonderful opportunity the have a well balanced discussion about the many ways in which I have somehow mislead him and a few other chainsaw carvers.

Last year as I attended Ridgway I was overwhelmed with the hospitality and generosity extended to my wonderful wife princess Nono and myself for our trip to Germany, it was very cool and helped us tremendously, thanks for that.

Along the way many carvers asked me what the beef was with the portly promoter? I replied over and over that I was unsure of my offense and indicated they should ask the portly promoter.

Now they will have this opportunity.

He is giving his boss a ride to the airport so will be in town this weekend {or so I hear}

Last weekend the portly promoter was in Ridgway as well which surprises me because of the way he has treated the wonderful and generous people that make the fine event known worldwide as "RIDGWAY" happen, no small feat I assure you.

Because the portly promoter is a bully in the grade school sort of way it makes it hard for the more mild sort of carver to have a conversation about topics that differ from the portly promoters opinion {careful he might step on your neck if you are smaller} so for the more mild folks when he starts a conversation with how someone has screwed him and they are terrible people {like me} just walk away, if unable to leave at lest don't agree with him because you are weak, ask some questions, be genuinely curious and somewhat entertained.

The portly promoter is coming to Ridgway to see his friends and maybe some offspring, so he will be in town "Not" contributing to the show, a show he had been welcomed into many many moons ago, a show that changed his life for the better, a show that helped him grow, a show that pointed him to being a portly promoter that puts on and runs a show of his own {I seen the billboards} a show that changed the chainsaw carving world to no end.

So if he starts his jowls a quivering just excuse yourself and go thank Liz and company for the wonderful opportunity's they provide.

Its been a tough week for us, I don't put this here lightly it is only my distaste for bully's that motivates me.

Remember to be nice and
Carve or Starve

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dr phil
(Login buzzsawz)

its just water under the bridge

March 18 2017, 1:49 PM 

nothing but hardening of the arteries, gout , dementia , and repeated strokes will cure how many grey headed obese folks are still with us be calm time is the great equalizer

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Uncle joe
(no login)

Re: Gossip

March 18 2017, 6:00 PM 

Always been scalpers at the rendezvous maybe they just stand out a bit more nowadays? We've been heading to florid a around this time of year and have missed a few years (sorrily) maybe next year I hope, missing lots of old friends

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(Login jay.kay)

six pages of "gossip"!!!!

March 19 2017, 9:00 AM 

Did a search for the original "gossip" thread and came up with six pages that will have to be bedtime reading.

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steve backus
(Login carveorstarve)

it's a great read

March 19 2017, 10:28 AM 

Always fun to have an in depth intellectual debate with a fellow carver who has had so many difficulties with other carvers treating him unfairly, he is so articulate, he never did explain my offense so thought he could have another go at it.

hope he saw "both' his friends at Ridgway and his family as well, I am sure that life's big spinning wheel will balance things , like buzzsaw says time is the great equalizer.......

see ya at Sedro............

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Heard He was there

March 22 2017, 4:50 PM 

I did not roll in till Monday morning. Brought a lot of wine for happy hours. Had a great week. Elmer is looking younger. Hung out with Grandpa Elf. Glad to meet Steve Higgins. Learned some things like every other year. Good times with Thor. Jamie was back. Wish you two were there. I'm retired from construction. Carve full time at my leisure.

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(no login)

Re: Heard He was there

March 23 2017, 1:11 AM 

No sightings from pals of the pompous fellow, as he is sorely sought after. In an instinctive manner of both survival awareness of the need for clean air. As well as preserving adequate food for everyone. And strangely enough, seeking intertainment in watching the prideful fight their shame as well. But oh well, they found somethings to do. Ha

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