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T-shirt logo impact

April 7 2017 at 6:25 PM

Steve Backus  (Login flashbackus)

Hello gang, seeking some advice and input here, I have recently gotten all involved with some dreamers who want to put on a contest of sorts and we are at loggerheads on t-shirt design.

My thought is something custom and cool, here is my my thought lets make it a fun deal and let some of you more talented folks give it a go and If by some long shot it can be used you get the recognition for the design on the shirts and you get some shirts as well, best I can do at this point.

Gotta have a chainsaw carver carving something dynamic in the western wildlife department, Grizzly,Elk,Buffalo, drunken mountain man.

Gotta have some snow capped mountains in the background, maybe a wild river or waterfall, room for lettering.

it is my thought that t-shirts are a big deal for carvers and we wear them like Letterman's jackets, Or is that just me?

If possible put it on here if you can or send it to Jerry and he will {thanks Jerry}

This is an experiment so let the art flow, if it works then that's great and if not what the hell we gave it a Go.............

and remember carve or starve...

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Re: T-shirt logo impact

April 11 2017, 4:56 AM 

I'd give it a go. Would need to know what the lettering reads. If not figured yet. The theme? Loggerheads?

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