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Japan Competition.

April 17 2017 at 9:41 AM
Brisn  (no login)

Toei Chainsaw Art Club will be hosting their 17th annual carving competition May 27 - 28. This is Japans longest running and oldest comp. and a wonderful opportunity to see some of Japans greatest carvers. All carvers are invited and International carvers will be treated to a day of sightseeing the day after the competition. Any questions can be directed to the clubs secretary, Mieko at chainsawartclub@hotmail.com

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Steve Backus
(Login flashbackus)

Way to go!

April 19 2017, 10:31 AM 

Congratulations on keeping things rolling along over on your beautiful Islands, the Japanese have taken to chainsaw carving like a duck takes to water.

Part of my life pleasure has been the simple luck to be an active participant since its early days in this true American artform that has been taken from a few hillbilly's that couldn't, or did not want to get a job {Troublemakers mostly} in the backwoods to what can only be described as an international phenomenon!

Lets thank Ridgway and the interweb as well.

It would be my opinion that the Japanese have produced some of the top competitors in the world of chainsaw carving at this point, carving mostly with just a chainsaw they can really open a can of whoop ass on the unwary!

It is a fond memory of mine when in the 2001 Westport contest Jen Ruth brought 7 competitors, Keji,Duke and many more, it was the first time in my experience that the blending of the cultures in chainsaws carving was so obvious, they carved Pagodas and samurai and carp , was really cool to see the variety that broke with the eagle, bear, sea captain mentality that had long dominated our thinking.

So good on you folks for having an open show that is inclusive and welcoming.

Steve Backus

and remember carve or starve...

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(Login champsaw_art)

Re: Japan Competition.

April 21 2017, 11:07 PM 

I look forward to seeing some pics from this. I always like seeing work from carvers around the globe. Some of the stuff from Germany, Russia, Japan, China, UK, AUS, and elsewhere is fantastic and inspirational.

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