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A suggestion

April 27 2017 at 9:03 PM
Indy  (Login D.R.)

I posted this suggestion on another forum and got no response to it. So I'd like to make a suggestion to all or any of the CS forum leaders.

Why not set aside one day a week for all members to come together to sell used equipment pertaining to carving or work shops.

Everyone post under the same post one day a week. Like, ask if anyone has or needs a particular piece for a saw, a grinder a sander etc. Or a tool for your work shop, yard, etc.

We all have tons of old used stuff or dead saws that someone might be able to save some bucks by buying on here.

Just post and ask. Get the word out that this will be the same day every week. The seller and buyer must do all there responding on the post. This is so we all know if someone is interested. Wouldn't want 10 people thinking they got the deal first because they were talking on email or phone. Then once the deal was struck the seller could say sold and then the deal could be done in private by phone/email or what ever.

Heck I'd even be willing to pass on a small donation to the forum to help pay for its up keep.

As I said just a suggestion. But please bring back the option to post picks like it use to be. If not, than some of us will have to email picks of the items.

Think about it, there are plenty of sites out there that started out small and are now the biggest retailers in the world. Its something I think we need. With a lot of us old timers and old, old timers slowing down, it would be great to help out each other or a new bee to save money. Heck if I knew anything about these computers and how it all works I'd start a site just for used equipment for carvers.

One thing, no retailers selling there new stuff, there's plenty of them out there with out loading up a site like described. But of course that's up to who ever jumps on this idea.

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(Login jbusch)

I like the idea!

April 28 2017, 4:05 PM 

I have seen this concept work well in forums directed towards fishing.. We have been able to swap and sell items to other members and it is a lot easier and user friendly to do it on the forum than listing online, craigslist, ect...

The part that works great on the fishing forum is I am near many of these people. The forum here is world wide but still would be a lot more comforting than going to a big resale site like above.
I like it anyways. I am not to savvy with online buying or selling myself. This is a more personal way about it.

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(Login D.R.)

Thanks for the responce

April 28 2017, 7:29 PM 

Joe. Your right, this is world wide. But I would hope carvers, lets say in my state and surrounding states would respond to each other and the same in other states.
By keeping it on the same post we would all see and if a person wanted the part so bad they could pay the long fright. It would be better then pitching used stuff in the dump, when someone could use it.
I know it wouldn't be practical to buy a sprocket from Germany, for someone in the USA. etc.

Honestly I have been so successful in life because I never through anything away that I might be able to use in the future. Of course being that way I have to have a few more buildings then most and I get a lot of grief from my wife and kids for being a hoarder.

Heck I have a cabinet full of dead saws, mostly little ones. I have robed parts from them and really never have to buy any new parts.

I really think this might bring some of the carvers back to the forums and away from face book, etc, at least for one day a week.
If not, no big deal, it is what it is.

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