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where did you meet

June 3 2017 at 10:35 AM

Steve backus  (Login flashbackus)

Good morning guys and gals, I recently choose the Red pill and down the rabbit hole you go, yes I went facebook.

Lurked on princess NoNo's for a year, got the feel for it and could see how it siphoned off the energy from places like this, don't seem lack drama much but you can get rid of those with different views easy enough thus stifling growth.

Had a little debate with an itinerant chainsaw carver who was adamant about chainsaw carving events and the costs associated attending contests and the auctions that seem to be a part of almost all of them, he was not a fan, claims its smarter to stay at the shop and just make money, he could be right.

As anyone who has been playing the game for any length of time knows there is a trade off on attending any event, travel costs, effort expended, paying bills when you get home, striking the balance is not easy and often hard to measure.

On the positive side by attending these events your chainsaw carving world expands in no uncertain terms, how many other carvers do you know personally that you met at a carving show?

Most of them I suppose.

Look back upon your carving journey and think about where you met what turned out to be a lifelong friend of the carving variety, at some carving gig I bet.

This discussion would be difficult on facebook, which is why these forums are still relevant to some degree, a place to have a discussion at more leisurely pace.

This wandering carver who was against the contests and carving shows had some good points, he also was raised as a second generation carver thus was exposed to our world his entire life, did not need to seek knowledge like those who are brand new, had it at his fingertips.

But for those who are seeking to expand their knowledge and are trying make a go of it, things can be a struggle, these forums and facebook now, they can be a valuable resource, but I tell you what friends and neighbors showing up at an event can be life changing, techniques studied up close, tools discovered, friends and mentors met, customers and fans created, and its fun!

Of course you will meet a few fat bully's along the way but they drop off like overfed ticks after a while and the true people shine through.

Keep in mind what the show is built from and the effort put forth by the promoter, wood, food, perks, shirts and much more.

The shows that don't respect the carvers usefully have shorter life spans, three to four years is normal,even a small show that has a short life span can create an opportunity for strangers to become freinds.

The point of my ramble is this, how many chainsaw carvers are your Friends, real ones who you hug when you see them and can borrow a file from {not button click friends}

Where did you meet them, ridgway alone must account for hundreds or even thousands of these relationships.

Where did this spiderweb of connections lead, one thinks they did it themselves but there is always shoulders that you are standing on, so tell us who your bestie is and where you met them.

and remember carve or starve...

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your absolutely right steve

June 4 2017, 3:18 AM 

a trickle became a flood, for me anyway,

I was carving for several years before I ever met another carver and I travelled 3000 miles to for that to Ridgway, it changed my life I had never met such passionate giving people before, made friends with everyone there, learned a lot, and inspired me to get carvers together over here, still making friends now and still being inspired from things I see and read.

I am pretty sure I could have carried on as I was in my own primitive way, but I am glad that most of us a desire to rub shoulders with our fellow carvers


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dddd good to hear your finger
(Login flashbackus)

Case in point

June 4 2017, 11:00 AM 

Here is a perfect connection guy, Dennis Heath attends Ridgway and meets many carvers and makes many friends he then heads back to England.

Like many before he said Hell yes I can put something together over here in redcoat country , If memory serves Sandringham was born from that frenzy of activity known as early Ridgway, everything was brand new and we all got to meet new people who were exited about what could be, the potential seemed unlimited {still is} and many dreams were born.

For myself personally meeting Dennis was a life-changing encounter in the respect that he first of all is fine fellow who gave me a cool multi purpose echo knife that hangs on the gearshift in my truck to this day, and even better I discovered his son was a SEAHAWKS FAN!
secondly he helped put the sandringham show together, in which I was lucky enough to attend in 2005.
so many carvers there from so many parts of the globe, so many connections being made, so many relationships developing that will lead to where we are at now in carverworld.

We take this globe traveling carver game as Normal these days but when ridgway started exporting dreamers back to the "old country things started moving fast, so thanks dennis for being some great shoulders to stand on.

One more note on the 2005 Sandringham competition, Tim Burgess was a spectator in the crowd and bought Brian Ruth's contest piece for $400LBs {mine sold for$600LBs,just saying} well folks Tim was inspired to carve and has become a great carver over the last decade or so, just last month we spent a week with him and his BFF peter bowsher plus their crew {liver hurting} we had a carving good time in western Washington for a week, 12 years after sandringham.

All because Dennis went Ridgway, thanks Dennis.

Out of curiosity what were the circumstances that allowed sandringham come about?

Many can stay at home but its the ones that explore that drives growth.

and remember carve or starve...

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June 4 2017, 5:44 PM 

Hi Steve,

for many years I carved at the Living heritage country and craft shows,
and they knew I went to America (which was my first trip anywhere), anyway I was telling them what a spectacle it is to see so many talented people together creating great sculptures,

there was an event in wales with 12 carvers I think and I asked mark to come along on the last day and experience the attraction, well he turned up late but in time for the final speed carve happy.gif

over the loud speaker came the message the speed carve was about to start, and Mark just saw all the people leaving the marquees and flocking to the carving arena and after the auction he said ok lets do it,

that was in 2003, in 2004 was the first English open, I managed to get echo on board, and wood donated, Mark paid the expenses for the carvers, and the prize money.

and it stihl going strong , I'm not involved in it now, but enjoyed it while I did,
I now make small carvings and sell them at a local garden centre, it suits me with my eyesight as it is.

I think every carver should get out to a few get togethers it makes us grow as a community, its an honour being part of the Boni dream.

keep it going


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(Login jay.kay)

Where? HERE!

June 5 2017, 5:21 PM 

This is my tenth year carving and I have met so many carver friends right here on the yellow. Some I have even met in person including Buzzsawz Henderson, Barre Pinske, Jerry Scheiffer, Dayton Scoggin, Scott Dow and Ken Tynan just to name a few. And Chaptacular is like a mini Ridgeway.

I have emailed telephoned and dropped in on carvers and have always been welcomed heartily.
I have met carvers at shows and competitions and continue to follow many (on Facebook) as a "fan"

With one exception I have never been told that they did not have time to chat and share.
I still check the yellow daily.

I am heading to the West Coast in three weeks and plan to make a few stops on the way. I am "Hope"ing I catch Pete Ryan at home.
I will give him a call first. A student from our last years carving camp stopped in on Pete last summer and ended up carving with him for two days!!!

What a wonderful world of chainsaw carvers we live in!

(if you are shy)

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Steve backus
(Login flashbackus)

its true about this place

June 5 2017, 5:42 PM 

But you really can tell who's going to put up with you in person, seeya in three weeks{chuckle}
The forums are really nice but a wink is as good as a nod to a blind man..............

and remember carve or starve...

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Re: where did you meet

June 5 2017, 9:06 PM 

and its fun!

I meet carvers all the time at Ridgeway and through Facebook but I get to know them at small events.

I started in the forums just about 6 years ago when I picked up my first saw. Ventured off to an Oddfest that I found here and meet my first carvers outside of my mentor. 'Family' was born and I attended a second Oddfest the same year were I meet Mr. Dick Tilley dragged me to Chaps in Georgia ...I think Chap might still be scratching his head about who this chick is, silly girl shipping her saws in a box. Then off to Germany for an event where I was the only American carver(small event) where I meet more fabulous 'other side of the pond folks' and have been over to Europe a total of 4 times to carve. At the time I was able to travel around on the good graces of my employer and vacation time so smaller events or ones will less money but tons of peopling perks were well within my reach. And these types of events appealed to me.

Shortly after starting my journey I got my ass handed to me here in the yellows by one of those 'few fat bullies'. I was trying to put on a small local event without promise of big buck prizes. I refused to let that keep me down but it does keep me from posting on the forum. So I'm one of the facebookies.

Just coming off one of those small events where there was respect for all the carvers no matter their skill level, perks as small as they were; they brought in a shower for us and the giving back to the community is what makes these events appealing TO ME. Most every carver there left with good energy, happy and even a few bucks in their pockets. These events are hard choices for me now that I'm a fulltime carver where I NEED to be VS. where I WANT to be. Finding a balance seems to be one of life's challenges.

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Jim Jacobs
(Login CarverJake)


June 7 2017, 12:33 PM 

Clover and I are coming to Reedsport, bringing our truck & $

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Steve backus
(Login flashbackus)

thats the spirit elaine!

June 7 2017, 1:18 PM 

Thanks for sharing MsElaine, and Jim seeya at reedsport, we will do our best to fill that truck up.................

more story's please.

and remember carve or starve...

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thing 2
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dont forget

June 7 2017, 6:54 PM 

Bongo might kick creativity, fun loving deep shadow soul....
Can't forget none of ya..

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Steve backus
(Login flashbackus)

Thing 1

June 8 2017, 9:46 AM 

Did a show for the masters about ten years ago in wilkes-barre PA and upon arrival Jen told me I was a roommate with a fellow from Colorado by the name of "Bongo Love, sounds like a fine fellow I said, and he was, we carved together at that show and it was my pleasure to watch this guy who was just really starting to chainsaw carve, his chainsaw carving journey was just beginning then,

He was also of the musical variety and was not against staying up late and helping consume adult beverages, I first heard of his musical ability while trying get some sleep and was listening to the band that one could hear fairly good because I left the patio door open so Bongo could just walk across the atrium and didn't have to walk down the hallway.

Woke up around closing time for the bar, just as the singer shouts out "we want to introduce you to "BONGO LOVE" and he belted out whatever it was loud and clear, gotta say laying there half asleep I was impressed, then he came in passed out started snoring.

As big a character as there is in the business and it has been fun watching him grow into a good carver who has been involved with shows and events in Colorado that for good or bad have shaped the growth of this industry, his style reflects his roots, and his attitude reflects his zest for life.

I look forward carving with him again and am waiting patiantly for him to put on a big show so I can come and borrow tools.


and remember carve or starve...

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