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Tupper Lake

June 24 2017 at 8:41 AM
Pat Holbert  (no login)

If anyone on here is going to Tupper Lake in July, could you please let me know what day the carvers can set up? Thanks, Pat Holbert

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steve backus
(Login flashbackus)

historical contest

June 25 2017, 11:27 AM 

Hi pat Holbart, one of my favorite carvers in the whole wide world, I don't know the exact dates of the Tupper lake show,always in july, but I do know that the Tupper lake contest is of great significance in carver world,.

It is, unless I am mistaken, {it happens} the longest continually running chainsaw carving competition in the world, correct me if I am wrong?

It was my pleasure to be thoroughly trounced by the illustrious Dennis Beach in 1994, the guy ran to fill his saws, he ran to eat lunch, he ran to go the outhouse, waddya gonna do with someone like that!

Hope for second is what the rest of us did.

At any rate cant recall who started it but Pinskie will probably take credit, when we went to New York back in 1994 Hal Macintosh was running it with an Iron fist.

We out west first heard of that show in 1991 in chip chats if memory serves and uncle Pat McVay had mentioned that they had a quick carve then auctioned of the carvings with the highest money taking first and the rest of the prizes {if any} were doled out accordingly,.

That was a beautifully simple plan, we had been having little quick carves out here in the wild wild west for a while but had never really mastered how to sort out winners because it was a pain the ass to judge them, not terribly difficult just a pain the ass.

So at west port we started doing quick carve auction and it took off like a wild fire, unlike Tupper lake we controlled the money and that was not without controversy but it allowed us to have a bit of a budget, in fact we split the money up evenly until 1994 when some carvers insisted on prize money which we took out of the auction money because in those days no one would sponsor us.

Sponsers did not come along for years only after we had created a spectacle of giant proportions, that cames with its own set of conaversty and headaches but allowed the prizes money grow and with that carver ego's to match, which led us to work on the judging and with more money involved more teary eyed carvers after the show blameing every thing but them selves, lack of sportsmanship is not a new thing }chuckle}

But I digress.

Like most artforms it is built upon layers and it is all is linked together in the human tapestry that form the fabric of our common cloth,a couple drinks and one thing led to another sort of deal!

So Tupper lake is ran by Jon Vincent nowadays, Wayne DeMoranville ran it for years and did a great job, I would be curious to see who started it, not just who thought it up but who went out and worked like borrowed mule make it go, and what the succession of carvers that ran the show look like.

If you know tell us or at least the years you know about?

So in conclusion The Tupper Lake New York chainsaw carving contest would be the epicenter of the quick carve Crack that became the sweet Heroin of the chainsaw carving world, the double edged sword that has allowed the artform be self funding {mostly} and allow people to fight about money endlessly, especially the unique creatures known as "chambers of commences" whos finest ability is to form circler firing squads with plenty of ammo.

Long winded answer to a simple question Pat but that is my nature, if any of folks like my long winded answers send Jerry a thank you "check" for keeping this unbelievably important forum alive with its thousands of pages of historical content, just saying.

and remember carve or starve...

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Susan Miller
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June 26 2017, 3:35 PM 

Yes, that trip was quite a trip for those of us who made the journey from the west coast. Kind of like a Tom Robins novel or something equally entertaining. Too bad the whole venture wasn't on film.

By the way, Hi Pat Holbert, I hope all is well in your world.

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pat holbert
(no login)

hi Steve

June 27 2017, 8:58 PM 

Thanks for the reply!!!! It's always fun to hear from our
neighbors on the left coast. Here's hoping that all is
well and fine with you folks.


Pat Holbert

PS And yes I am looking forward to a fun
weekend at Tupper Lake!

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Steve backus
(Login flashbackus)

have fun pat

June 30 2017, 9:54 AM 

You get up there and kick a little ass pat ,it's always fun to untie the bow line and sail with the tide so have a little adventure on your trip.

As I recall our little trip in 1994, the contest was well attended and our group consisted of Susan Miller from Oregon, Don Etue, Dexter Lewis, Lynn Backus, Boaz Backus,Steve Backus,Nanette {princess NoNo}, Doug Caton, Lynn's Friend Melissa all from Washington, Dave Sipe from Minnesota and seems like one more that I cant recall.

Some of the east coast carvers as I recall were Dennis Beach, Scott Crocker and many more that I cant recall at the moment, better look at some pictures.

Hal picked us up at the airport and we drove him absolutely crazy because we wouldn't "mind" very well, we stayed at his place for a couple of days then went to the show with him, it was interesting to observe another type of contest up close.

keep in mind in those days there were not chainsaw carving contests every forty feet like nowadays, it was a bit of a fact finding tour in a way, we went back to the left coast and a lot of how we guided westport was "not" doing things like what we had experienced.

Tupper Lake has evolved as have many contest so why don't you do a little historical research while you are there pat and lets compare notes on this long running event, have fun...........

and remember carve or starve...

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(no login)

Hey Steve

July 1 2017, 8:29 PM 

I remember the '94 comp. My wife and I flew up from FL to see other carvers for the first time. I couldn't believe all the west coast carvers that made the trip all the way across the country to attend. Now I know why Hal was so frazzled, it was dealing with you guys! You're right, Dennis Beach was in his prime (and I guess still is). As I recall, guys like Etue and Crocker were doing some pretty impressive work, too. That made us want to visit the Ocean Shores comp on a future vacation. Really hot up there, too. I was living in FL and got a sunburn in NY!

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Barre Pinske
(Premier Login 1pinske)

Re: Hey Steve

July 30 2017, 8:19 AM 

Backus, I did help start the carving comp there a group that was running the Woodsman Show called me and I helped them the first year for sure possibly the second I cant remember. The Chainsaw Carving events in MN I was doing got a lot of press back then that's how they found me. We were in USA Today, on CNN and in Chainsaw Age magazine.
Keep your saw in the Wood!


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