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Cost for materials?

March 8 2018 at 1:27 PM
Brandon  (Login bhebbert)

Hi, new to carving and have learned a bunch from this forum!

I am from Missouri and have some land that I can get some hardwood logs from, but will probably have to purchase cedar and pine, which I would like to try. I was wondering what to expect on price. Probably going to be doing 1ftx3ft carvings.

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(Login jbusch)

Nothing... do some homework

March 9 2018, 3:20 PM 

I would not expect to pay anything if you do some research.. Talk to the tree service companies within 20-40 miles of you. They should have a pile of wood to fit your needs.. If that does not work call the city/county and see where they dump their trees. My local town is more than happy to leave specific pieces at the compost site for me to pickup.

Hardwoods make great carvings also but pine might be easier to learn with. All I carved when I started was Oak, Ash and walnut. Finally carved some cedar and pine after a bit and realized how hard I was working my tools before.

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(Login bhebbert)

Re: Nothing... do some homework

March 10 2018, 2:54 PM 

Awesome. Thanks for the advice, I’m hauling off some brush right now so I will check.

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big john
(no login)

Re: Nothing... do some homework

March 13 2018, 10:07 PM 

we have operated for 10 years with mostly free" wood that includes operating a mobile sawmill the last three years ive had a tree company paying me to haul off wood I charged 100 a trailer load no questions asked to either haul the wood home or to a mulch factory down the road from me it was a great deal for me and the tree company they have moved on to a safer occupation and I'm shopping for a new tree company with the same deal and I'm not have to much problem finding company's that like the idea. it helps when you have the equipment to remove logs with out tearing up the costumers grass. the most important thing is to get a good reputation with the tree company's and local people

put an ad on face book and look up parbuckling logs unless you want to build a crane trailer like I have

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(no login)

Re: Cost for materials?

March 15 2018, 9:05 AM 

Try the free section on craigslist, search "firewood", "tree", "logs", etc. I've gotten nearly all my wood that way. After a storm especially, there's always a lot of free wood.

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