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Anyone have a story about close call with 120?

March 15 2018 at 9:12 PM
danh  (no login)

I was setting up one morning last week under my outside canopy. I had left my extension cord plugged in, the female part was under the canopy but in damp sawdust. I plugged my angle grinder in, and after a few minutes the grinder cord came loose, I plugged her back in, a few seconds later the end of the cord/socket shot out a small arc, burning the wet sawdust nearby.

I'm no expert on electricity, and from looking around online a bit it sounds like 120 doesn't bite very hard, but it gives a good kick. So apparently if it catches you in the wrong position like on a ladder, the consequences are higher.

Anyone have any stories about close calls, or mishaps with electricity when carving?

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(Login D.R.)

dont trust it

March 18 2018, 8:55 AM 

Its got enough to stop your ticker.

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(no login)

i have a story

March 18 2018, 8:02 PM 

not getting shocked but a little old lady said her husband had passed away at nursing home and wanted me to buy his radio he had I felt bad so I said ok paid her went to carving area plugged it in as I was waving bye to her radio exploded on fire and sawdust was burning from sparks . moral of the story is have them plug it in preferably in a non flammable area as there plugging the sale haha

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