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Hello to the Chainsaw Artist Community

April 6 2018 at 6:26 PM
Ayberk  (Login Ayberkokan)

Hello ;
I am a new member of the Community and would like to thank you in advance for your valuable replies and my acceptances.My name is Ayberk i am from Istanbul currently based in Montenegro.I am a multi-media sculptor preparing for two exhibitions from two different disciplines which are life size figures worked in composites and some dadaist sculptures worked from various recycled or found materials like wood , metal and stone.As i am a newcomer i have some questions and need help in some ways.First of all i am type of nomad i ran away from my own country where i was earning my life as a commercial Balloon pilot and a tourist guide and moved to Montenegro because of religious extremism rising so i am a type of nomad.I dont own a studio or any facility i make my sculptures in the salloon of my flat and sometimes in the garden if the weather permits.I thought about chainsaw carving some small sculptures and selling them on the roadside for between 15€ / 30 € to help me complete my main projects and help me to eat and drink.With this motivation i collect some money and bought a stihl ms 170 with standard setup.I haven't bought the safety equipment yet so now the saw looks at me and i look at it as i dont want to use it without ppe.i have a bosch ggs 8c variable speed die grinder which my girlfriend gifted me before i stepped into this adventure and use this tool nearly in all stages of my sculptures.i have a small car which i think will be enough to carry some small logs to carve and the saw.My question to the initiated people is what should i do with the saw what type of manouvers or cuts should i have to practice before attempting to shape a log with this standart setup ? Can i sculpt a relatively simple item with this setup without changing the clutch drum , chain and bar ? If not which system shall i switch to ? I cant buy two saws.i only have a ms 170 a die grinder a small car which is not totaly mine and a backpack.i am sorry to keep it unnecessarily long and thanks in advance..

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welcome to the forum

April 7 2018, 5:24 AM 

Hi Ayberk, love your enthusiasm you can carve a lot of things with your set up, mushrooms are easy, carve them upside down stalk first the flip it over and shape the cap, its not a powerful saw so i advise not to carve any bigger diameter than the bar length, you can carve silhouette of any bird or animal and as your skill develops add detail, plunge cuts are the most dangerous to master look for instruction youtube, cutting with the tip causes kickback always start the cut with the back of the saw angled down, keeping a sharp chain is most important if the bark is dirty take it off, if you know any one who uses a chainsaw ask to spend some time with them picking up tips, a saw is an unforgiving tool if you misuse it,

good luck dddennis

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Thanks a lot

April 12 2018, 10:53 PM 

Sorry for being late to say thank you Dennis as something happened with my account and i need to register a new one.So far i found some time to be alone with the saw and just like every other tool i use i tried to measure its reactions and behaviors with manipulating the throttle and various parts of the bar on a piece of big scrap firewood.Saw is small but i am surprised how easily it can shape the meterial in hand.I havent used it at full throttle or did some actual cutting as my ppe hasn't arrived yet.Although there are some people on this mountain village with saws language is a big problem and i cant seem to find a way around with them.I am reading about the chainsaw and its procedures from forestry and logging forums mostly to get a better understanding.As i was away from two stroke dirt bikes for many years that smell put a big smile on my face which quickly returned to normal as the chain started to spin.After my protection arrives i will try to do some basic shaping on small diameter logs as you mentioned.Thank you again and have a beautiful day please.

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April 7 2018, 9:33 AM 

you can carve with just a regular saw I suggest understanding what artists are selling in your area then create your version , some religion will frown on sculptures but allow geometric patterns . when in rome do as the romans dohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NLciAtjP_E

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Re: Hello to the Chainsaw Artist Community

April 7 2018, 8:11 PM 

Safety glasses and respect for the tool is all you need.
The die grinder will be the first thing that bites you.
Might be wise to stay away from a 20 inch bar for awhile,
That's the one that has jumped at my nose the most...lol

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April 9 2018, 11:21 AM 

I have carved a lot of pieces with just that 170. Mushroom are a great starter piece and you can carve all types of mushroom.

The other tools you might want to consider is a angle grinder, electric drill (because the are usually cheap) and a propane torch. This will help you color and clean up pieces to look better. I don't know what your cost is over there but here in the US I can get a electric drill and a couple nylon brushes for under 40.00 us.

With just a chainsaw, torch and drill with a brush you can make some pretty awesome pieces with some practice.

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April 9 2018, 11:31 AM 

The sooner you can afford a dime tip bar, 1/4 inch sprocket and couple chains the quicker you can get into fine detail. The dime tip is a much safer bar to use. There is really no kickback. When it comes to cuts with this saw...... You will just have to go after it and develop a style. I don't know what else to say there. Everything good comes with practice and time.

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