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Re: weiand tunnel

July 23 2011 at 7:15 PM
wydendorf  (Login winkmiester)
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Response to weiand tunnel

I think the reason that the Weiand and Offy tunnel rams didn't make good power is that the runners were in a constant curve and would separate the air-fuel mixture too much. They actually might make better power with EFI than with carbs. The cross sectional area of the Weiand or Offy could be too small, near the junction of the base and top, and that would be another reason they don't make good power. I beleive that Weiand or Offy once offered a Dominatior top for their tunnel ram. The Edelbrock UR-19 was only available with a Dominator top. Also the Edelbrocks runners were spread out wider, shaped the opposite of the Weiand at the junction of the base and top, and allowed the air-fuel mixture a straighter path to the cylinder. Even the Edelbrock UR-19 is outdated by todays standards, with a modern V style plenum sheet metal tunnel ram making much more power, but the UR-19 will still make more power than the Offy or Weiand with the same carbs. I used to have one of each but that has been over 30 years ago so all of this is from memory. It would be hard to modify the Offy or Weiand to straighten out all the problems they have and that is why most of the faster racers have sheet metal intakes built.

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