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Re: Direction

September 9 2011 at 4:20 PM

George Pence  (Login gpence)
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Response to Re: Direction

yes you can use all the parts you already have if you go with the Trick Flow heads.

Regarding the camshaft: I have no experience with that cam, but with 110 degree lobe separation its going to have a rising torque curve. My preference is 112 to 116 degree lobe separation, not because it makes optimum power, but because it encourages the type of torque curve I like. I don't want a tire fryer.

The intake valve closes at 57 degrees ABDC ... although Comp rates the cam to 5600 rpm, I have my doubts it will rev much beyond 5000 rpm. The D1ZZ-BX cam closes the intake valve at 74 degrees ABDC. The intake valve closing point sets the high end of the powerband, the later it closes, the more a motor will rev.

A modern 2V street combo that makes tons of power is:

BG #1402020VE or QFT #SS-780-VS carburetor (750 cfm, vacuum secondary, electric choke)
Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake manifold #7564
Trick Flow alloy 2V heads
Hydraulic Cams: Lunati VooDoo #62503, Comp Cams Xtreme Energy #XE274, Crane #284H12, Crane hydraulic roller #HR216
Yella Terra YT6321 rocker arms

The Barry Grant carb has annular boosters, its the best off-the-shelf 750 vacuum secondary street carb ever made, but Barry Grant is out of business.

The Lunati VooDoo cam & the Comp Xtreme Energy cams have 110 degree lobe separation, but they are rated for a 2000 to 6000 powerband, they're hot cams and will make about 475 horsepower in this combination.

The two Crane Cams have 112 degree lobe separation, the lobes aren't as aggressive as the other two cams, they'll make less power but operate over a wider powerband and they will rev higher.


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If you use a 351C 4V powered vehicle for a grocery getter ... the eggs aren't going to make it home!

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