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4R70W may not be best choice

September 11 2011 at 12:38 AM
Miller Mylan  (Login 417strokers)
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Response to Re: 4R70W vs C6

The problem with this tranny is it is a computor controled tranny you would need to have a box built to make it work properly . Your best bet would be a lenteck AOD.
As for the Wide ratio close ratio thing . All ford trannys have 1 direct gear meaning the out put shaft turnes the same speed as the input shaft, the other gears turne faster or slower. than the direct gear. A standard C4 has a 2.47 to 1 ratio first gear, meaning the input shaft has to turne 2.47 turnes to turn the out put shaft once . An e4od is considered a wide ratio has a 2.84 to one ratio first gear meaning the input shaft has to turn 2.84 times to turn the out put shaft once. If you x the tranny low gear ratio with the rear end gear ratio you can figure out how many times you need to turn the engine over to turn the rear axle once. A wide ratio has advantages and disadvantages the advantage is it will launch harder with a higher gear in the rear and still get better fuel econemy . But it can create problems like some times the jumps between the shifts are to large and performance will fall off , one more thing when you get a large gear turning a small gear the reliabuilaty suffers and torque rating on the tranny drops off.

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