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Update --- what do you think?

September 14 2011 at 1:09 PM
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Response to Oil ring support rail gaps

Thanks, Adrian. A good thing to check about the oil rings for sure.

Saw the engine builder face to face this morning --- took him color photos as I posted above. Long story short is that I'm bringing him the motor tomorrow morning so we can look at it together. He seems a bit defensive at first but seems as if he's going to take care of it. To what extent and to what/who's cost, I don't know yet.

At this point, I'd pay a couple hundred bucks for him to fix things up and make things right so can get the Mustang show on the road VS forcing him to eat all the costs and have a pizzed off machinist scroo things up even worse. The last resort, of course, is small-claims court.

Two things he said:
1) there is no way the LH (driver's) head dowel that was recessed in the head caused the oil leak. Said there would be coolant leaks / head gasket not sealing properly etc. I KNOW... WTH?
2) said that the scuffing on the cylinder walls was probably caused by detonation.

Any final thoughts/advice/ammo before we look at the thing together tomorrow? THANKS

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