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I am not doubting your test

September 18 2011 at 1:09 PM
Bill  (Login pewterboss351)
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Response to I've Done The Comparison Test - One Last Telling

George I believe what you did back in the 70's was true.
not doubting that one bit
you have my total attension on this subject
not because of what you said because if someone esle said it i would have blown it off
its because i do respect what you say.
and you very well could be right
your a very wise man.
with that being said
i would like to see the dyno sheets or reports.
but after 35 plus years i am sure they are gone.
i do not know how dynos were 35 years ago , but i am sure they are not
anything like they are today , where they can do all the correctinal factors
changes for heats, humitity, things like that.
were all the varibles correct?
things like water tempature, oil tempeture? i do not know
you said the quench chambered heads made between 350 -360 horses
you said the one open chambered head made 355
granted the average horsepower is spot on
which proves what you said.
but what about the average torque?
but it also sounds like you took more precausions in building the open chambered motor as you wanted to make sure it would perform.
plus maybe the shop doing the work , had better equipement 2-3 years later
or the machinist got better did better work?
or the carb shop learned a trick or 2 in the 2-3 years they been building carbs
maybe the quench heads were tested in the hot summer heat
and the open chambered heads was tested in cooler fall air.
or maybe even the other way around.
you also said the open chambered head motor was zero decked.
that would make a differance , just not sure how much
granted the quench headed engine were not that much farther down in the hole.
yes they still might have had the same compression ratio.
other things can come into play.
which may or may not be a factor
thing such as
was the open chmabered head block bored or honed with tork plates
was the main bearing saddles aline honed
maybe the cam came from a different manufacturer ,ford used different (changed)supply companies and one company used a more modern cam grinder.
which made a better cam.
I am not saying any of these things happened
but it possible
when your drag racing they tell you to change 1 thing at a time to see where that took you.
yeah an engine might be 1 thing , but theres a whole lot of things in an engine
would your result be repeted maybe .
I am open to the idea.
but the only true test
would be to use the same basic short block and just change the heads
Mill the open chambered heads down to the same cc as the quench heads.
yes the open chambered heads might be the diamond people are looking for.
theres only one way to find out and thats a back to back head comparision.
I will say that unless the open chambered heads make alot more power than a quench head.
i will not be selling my quench heads , and start buying open chambered heads.
but if they make similar power ( say within 10 horses)
which i think is possible.
i wont be passing up any fairly price open chambered heads.
in the past i have just walked past them.
I know just swapping out a set of open chambered heads make a big differance.
yes i knew you increased compression ratio when you do that.
i just never really thought about how close in power the 2 would be with the same compression ratio
So with all this being said
the debate shall continue
thanks george

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