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Just because none of us have tried it doesn't mean it won't work?

September 19 2011 at 9:36 AM
Steve.k  (Login steve.k)
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Response to sorry george and tim

I beleive George has some very good points and I do beleive him on his build data.If there is one thing I notice about this site is we all get set in our ways and its hard to see anything different.I have used parts that were not supposed to last or work only to find they did.I beleive the BB Chevy uses a big open chamber and from what I've seen they seem to make power so anythings possible.The quench I beleive was like George says an easy way to compression which in turn lifts power moderatly.I have all the parts for this test maybe I will put a short block together and crunch the no.s?I do find it interesting that Dick Landy a respected builder recommended open chamber heads for his blown engine combos?Where's Kaase on this subject he has probably built every combo possible??I know he looks around on this site and 460ford?

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