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Help..... Which Fuel pump..?

September 20 2011 at 8:23 AM

blizz  (Premier Login blizzardND)
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Came into the office today and smelled gasoline... So I went out to the attached shop and found a puddle of gas under the Bronco's fuel pump.

The Bronco just has a factory style Carter pump, and I would like a different style as this pump points the lines directly into the frame rails, I have less than an 1-1/2" to sneak the hoses onto the barbs, and would like to change the routing either towards the back or perhaps split with the in from the rear of the engine and tho the carb to the front.

I'm only feeding a Eldelbrock 600 so I don't need RobbMc's super awesome fuel pump, (although it would fix my inlet and out problems)

Ideas? what would you choose Summit seems to have a bunch of options, I just know I don't want a POS.

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