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October 16 2011 at 3:32 AM

George Pence  (Login gpence)
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Response to George pretty much got it!

Steve you're the only person I know of that has anything positive to say about the 3310. The original 3310 was a good carb, it was a 4150 style with good boosters, jetting etc. But the subsequent versions have been 4160 style, the wrong boosters, jetted too rich, etc. I respect your opinion of the carb and am glad you're able to make it work for you. But that's not the universal experience with that carburetor, I consider your experience the exception not the rule.

The 3310 was a big seller in the 1970s and 1980s, and was the cause of one after another poor running motor. I'd hear somebody bad mouthing the 351C 4V ... and almost without exception when I opened their car's hood I would find a 3310 staring up at me. The 351C 4V works fine at low rpm if the carb & ignition are calibrated properly, but the 3310 gave many people a different opinion, they made the mistake of equipping the motor with a 3310 and then blamed the poor performance on the big port motor and not the carb.

I'm sure you can modify a 3310 to perform well, but by the time you've added all the good parts its not such a cheap carb any longer. The Holley HP carbs are jetted well, but none of them have chokes. I find dealing with sports car & street car owners from around the world most people want a carb with an electric choke, so I've stopped recommending the HP carbs and have been recommending the QFT carbs instead. To be a carb I can recommend it must be jetted for crisp street operation and equipped with the features people need out-of-the-box. I can't recommend a carb that people have to modify ... it must be a bolt-on and ready to go carb.

The BG 1402020VE is my favorite street carb, but they're hard to find now that Demon Carbs is out of business. The Barry Grant carb is the only off the shelf 750 vacuum secondary with annular boosters, electric choke, 4 corner idle, etc. The Quick Fuel 780 vacuum secondary lacks the annular boosters, but it has every other bell and whistle right out of the box making it convenient to tune; and it has an electric choke. The Quick Fuel 750 mechanical secondary has annular boosters, and electric choke, and all the other bells and whistles to make it easy to tune.

If Holley would equip the list 0-9379 with an electric choke it would be my preferred 750 mechanical secondary carb. The QFT SS-750-AN lists for $564, the 9379 lists for $531. They're competitive price wise, but the QFT has a choke, the Holley doesn't.

Holley doesn't seem to take vacuum secondary carbz seriously, they always take short-cuts with them, including the HP models with vacuum secondaries. Its not the blinged-out aspect of the QFT carbz that I'm into. Polished and anodized aluminum is not where my head is at. Nor do I think fuel bowl windows or screw in bleeds are necessary. If Holley will equip a good ol' chromate finished out-of-the-box 750 vacuum secondary carb with street jetting, 4150 metering blocks, 4 corner idle, electric choke and annular boosters I'll gladly send business their way. Until then, I can't because there are better alternatives.


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