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Camshaft ... Lunati Voodoo # 62503

November 1 2011 at 6:47 PM
Al  (Login Alastair_Mayne)
from IP address

Apologies to those who have posted many times on cams ... i have been through a lot of posts and gleaned what I can! Here goes:

Got a 351c I rebuilt with some help from a local company and father.

40 tho over bore
KB pistons
ARP bolts throughout
Stock crank, not stroked
MSD 6AL ignition
Mallory mag breakerless dissy
AFD heads with 64cc
Roller rockers 1.73 ratio
Deck not zero decked but should be c 10 compression
Currently comp cams 268 XE cam (268 reported duration on inlet and exhaust, 218 at 0.05 on both inlet and exhaust, 110 LSA)
High vol water pump
About to fit a edel performer rpm airgap manifold, sittingin box waiting for me
And about to add a better baffled sump to it
Holley 670cfm street avenger which with displacement (and even with inefficiencies) should give plenty of vol into the engine up to 6k redline
thats about it ...

with 3.03 pl rear end, and 5 speed manual box. 17 inch rim with 255/45/17 on back and 235/45/17 on front

Power has been pretty good, never measured it though on dyno. And is fairly friendly in traffic as power comes in quite low in range (spec is 1500-5500), but its actually quite quiet at low revs ("relatively" quiet ... which is nice, but just wrong!!) and then it kicks in with a great noise c. 3k (maybe when secondaries open) and then starts to flatten around 5k IMO

Am thinking of switiching cam, and adding a different cog to allow timing of the cam as well to dial it in properly

My aim is NOT all out horse power alone, I don't mind a rougher idle and a little more pain in traffic, but want a good clean pull through the range but maybe a little more radical than what I have right now.

Was thinking the 270 magnum (1800-5800 spec, think lift is c 225 at 0.05) but part of me thinks that the heads I have with the springs and rollers could really manage a cam which opens and closes much more quickly i.e. a more modern design cam with more and faster lift

Looks based on my research like a roller cam really give you much more open time without increasing duration but not really up for the cost associated with that... so prob sticking to hydraulic flat tappet. Unless someone convinces me otherwise!

The 274XE has 274 (230 at 0.05) on inlet and 286 (236 at 0.05) at exhaust but think that might be too much for me?

One idea is this
intake 268 or 227 at 0.05
exhaust 276 or 233 at 0.05
lift 0.552/0.564
range 2000-6000
LSA 110

So it opens nice and fast but total duration not too long, and LSA in sensible range in terms of having reasonable idle. This looks like a nice cam to my VERY inexperienced eyes!

They say 9.5 comp ratio which I think i am above so should be fine ... but suggest 3.55-3.73 rear gear ... am on 3.07 rear gear. So you think that would be an issue given the car is pretty light plus on a 5 speed manual gearbox rather than auto?

I do want a better sounding idle ... mine is nicely behaved but almost too well behaved at lower revs and then runs out earlier as well... plus with the performer rpm airgap manifold and the AFD heads I just feel like I should be getting a cam that fits in with those components better.

Views please!! Any comments welcome!


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