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Rev to 6000?

November 1 2011 at 7:45 PM

George Pence  (Login gpence)
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Response to Camshaft ... Lunati Voodoo # 62503

It seems to me your goal is to have a motor that revs to 6000 rpm, is that right?

Lunati's VooDoo cam lobes and Comp's Xtreme Energy lobes are good lobes, but the cams they've designed with those lobes have wonky valve events.

When cam manufacturers grind cams on 110° lobe centers (lobe separation angle) it gives the motor a steep tire frying torque curve at the expense of a narrow powerband, power will fall off quickly beyond the horsepower peak. Then the cam manufacturers time the cam 4° to 6° advanced, i.e. the intake centerline will be set at 104° to 106° ATDC, this gives the motor more low rpm "punch" but closes the intake valve too early. An engine with a cam like that installed in it has no chance to rev very high, its going to flatten out early. To get a cam timed like this to rev to 6000 rpm takes an intake lobe with an advertised duration in the range of 288° to 292°, perhaps even more.

I'd recommend the Crane 284H12 or the Crower 284 HDP. These cams offer a good balance between valve event timing, overlap, duration at 0.050", and valve lift.


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