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December 9 2011 at 10:37 PM

Danford1  (Login danford1)
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Response to That's some pretty good analysis Danford.

Thanks Bob and Fordmech.

No I didn't see the 0.002" runout show up on the cam gear tooth check.
The runout is below the gear on the shaft. It is negligible above the gear.
I highly doubt a 0.002" runout would cause the gears to wear. But I could be wrong. The 0.010" side play in the bushing could contribute to the problem however, when the dizz was in the block I could not feel any movement in the hole. I could feel the 0.010" when not installed in the block, but once in the block , no way.
The safest thing here is to get another Duraspark for my rebuild. I know there is a Clevo guy on here that sold some, was it Scott Johnson ???

At this point it looks like the cam walk caused them to wear along with a couple other factors. One being the High Volume oil pump and the other being no zinc/phosphate additive in the oil. From now on I will be adding it plus I'll be installing a standard volume oil pump. I'll also drill an oil squirt passage to make sure the gears get oil. I'll drill both blocks while I'm at it...

When I do get my new cam and timing gears I will for sure do a cam end play measurement and gear mesh test. I can also perform a tooth mesh wiggle test to make sure they are all equal. I can set up some measuring tools for a better wiggle test. What I did in the video was enough to show it was different, I didn't even attempt to measure the difference as it was a mute point...

The timing gear comparison showed there was a noticeable difference from the Rollmaster to the cast gear. The quick feeler gauge measurements I made showed a difference of about 0.033" which falls exactly in line with my in the block dial indicator checks using both gears.

If I find anything else, I'll post it here.


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