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Re: 400 going into

December 23 2011 at 1:40 AM

tinman  (Login tinman351)
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Response to 400 going into

does the 400 use a spike in the rear main cap to hold the original rope style rear main seal? if so, and you're using a modern neoprene seal, make sure you remove the spike by tapping it out with a 1/16" pin punch or similar

what distributor are you going to use?

what type of cam?

is the dizzy gear compatible with the cam core material?

do yourself a favor and set the dizzy into the block before anything else, snug it down with the hold down/bolt and check for freeplay under the dizzy gear and make sure there is no binding anywhere

are you using an aftermarket oil pump driveshaft?

if so, with the dizzy still snugged in, install the oil pump with the drive shaft and make sure that the drive shaft is not bound up between the dizzy and oil pump. it needs to be free to wiggle slightly up & down. double check that your oil pump drive shaft retainer clip is positioned to retain the OPDS when the dizzy gets removed

don't forget to install the oil galley plugs behind the cam sprocket

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