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Intake Port Sludge

January 6 2012 at 10:06 PM

Jay  (Login jmanley)
from IP address

Have something strange - pulled off my intake manifold today - noticed that the bolts were just barely "tight".  Just a 1/16 of a turn and they were finger loose. So, that was strange, but even stranger when I got the intake manifold out of there, I noticed, on the floor of the intake "runner" in the head going to the valve was "sludge" on the bottom of the runner.

It was thick - I bet in some spots it was 1/8" thick when I scraped it out of there, and it was black as night and was somewhere between oil and dirt.  One part had a lip sticking up far enough that I'm pretty sure I know where the 20-30 hp that I lost this year went.

I scraped it out, then drenched it in carb cleaner and rubbed it down.  It's still somewhat "black".

Any thoughts on what might have caused it? 

Do I need to get the port "shiny" again?  (and if so, any thoughts how with the head still installed?)

Thanks guys!

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