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I like it!

February 20 2012 at 2:07 PM

FastE  (Login Mr.Eds)
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Response to as per Ford

Thanks "Old Man"! That is so simple even a dumby like me could do it! I do use the ported (top) port on the Holley. I will take the distributor back to the 20 deg. as a base line. To get the advance to come in earlier I will have to go to lighter springs in the distributor, right? The 16deg. initial sounds "normal" to me on the Cleveland.
One more question Gearge, about setting valves. I am going to re-set all of my valve train while I am at it. I have guide plates, Crane gold roller rockers, with a hydrolic cam. I have mine set at just till all the slack is taken up (puch rod to lifter to rocker) and then I have gone !/4 turn more (per my machine shop). I have seen everything from 1/2 turn to one full turn. What do you guys recomend?
Bret I did buy the back lit,w tach,dwell,advance reading timing light. I have thrown out my old plain cheepo!
Thanks again for all the info guys! You are the best! Eddie

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