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Yes, I remember....

March 18 2012 at 1:50 PM
Brent Lykins, B2 Motorsports  (Login blykins)
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Response to Re: Because I'm in business and have my own reputation....

...and I'm still not fond of Eagle stuff...and personally wouldn't use their products unless absolutely forced to do so. As I mentioned to Steve, a little leaven will leaven the whole lump. It doesn't take too many crank failures and blemished products before I shy away from a whole product line. I heard Barry Rabotnick mention on a post the other day, "I've only seen a hand-full of broken FE cranks over the years....and the common denominator was that they were all Eagles."

In this case, the Cleveland guys have several options: 1. use a 40 year old stock rod and spend several hundred dollars trying to make them bullet proof 2. use an RPM or Eagle rod 3. Use something that out of the reach of most budget builders, like a Crower, Dyers, Oliver, etc. I would use an Eagle before I would use an RPM rod, only after begging Scat to make a Cleveland rod.

That's fine if your machinist wants to recommend the cheap stuff. This engine builder won't. I'm tired of apologizing for recommending good products, plain and simple. I'm also not going to risk puking a $10k engine because of a set of junk rods.

Engine forums are the only place where guys who do this professionally get ignored by the masses. It seems like guys would rather come on here and listen to the testimony of someone that has never touched a torque wrench before than listen to someone who does it for a living. I don't know how many times I've been asked for a camshaft recommendation and I'll give a response based on an engine that I've built that wins races, but the poster will choose another cam, based on "my friend's uncle's ex-roommate built an engine...."

Tony, by all means, use the RPM rods. I PROMISE you that if you ask a builder who builds race engines for a living, they will tell you that they wouldn't use a set if they were given to them.

To be truthful, the RPM stuff is probably great for a stock build or a lower horsepower build...and in comparison to R&R'ing a set of 40 year old rods and shoving ARP bolts in them, it's more cost effective too. However, in this case, we're talking about a guy who wants to pull 600hp out of a stock stroke Cleveland, which will require turning some serious rpms. There an't no way that I would sacrifice an engine for the sake of a couple hundred bucks.

It seems like I'm a punk if I warn people about inferior junk, and I would also be a punk if I sold the products and let people window blocks without a warning.

It also seems like a lot of guys come here to get a happy feeling about parts that they've already purchased and used, but when someone is a nay-sayer, then it's defense time...

I've been burned by Procomp stuff enough to never use them again. Someone brought me a set of Procomp SBC heads to use on a 383. The valve cover bolt holes were drilled far enough off that it was almost impossible to make the valve covers fit. I've also received enough Eagle stuff here (2 cranks in a row that had gouges in the journals) to never use them again. I don't need another 100% Chinese product in here that I have to fix and lose money on. That's why I don't have experience with RPM...and never will.

You guys talk to other guys who have used 1 or maybe 2 sets in their lives. I talk to other engine builders who see many, many, many parts on a daily basis. There's a consensus there...

Brent Lykins
B2 Motorsports, LLC

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