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Street cam

March 22 2012 at 5:04 PM

George Pence  (Login gpence)
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Response to Cam Help......

The Crane H-278-2 camshaft has become my favorite off the shelf 335 series street cam.

Grinder: Crane Cams
Grind number: H-278-2
Part number: 523801
278°/290° advertised duration
284° average duration
Exhaust valve opening = 80° BBDC
Intake valve opening = 26° BTDC
56° overlap
Exhaust valve closing = 30° ATDC
Intake valve closing = 72° ABDC
222°/234° duration @ 0.050
0.539"/0.534" valve lift
114° lobe separation angle (camshaft degrees)
Intake lobe mathematic centerline = 113° ATDC
Exhaust lobe mathematic centerline = 115° BTDC

Of course, when discussing the 400, I always like to mention what that motor really needs, more than anything else, is a set of custom pistons. I know its probably too late and out of the budget, for this application. But for other readers with a 400 project, my hope is if I repeat this over and over often enough it will finally sink-in to people's minds. The 400 needs a flat top piston with a 1.685" compression height (pin height) and a 4V valve notch. If the piston has a 4V notch, it leaves the future open to a possible head swap, even if 2V heads are being used initially.


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If you use a 351C 4V powered vehicle for a grocery getter ... the eggs aren't going to make it home!

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