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Sometimes you need to think before you post

March 24 2012 at 3:15 AM
Carl  (Login usssanut351)
from IP address

Response to Sometimes it's best to not say anything at all...

The advice I gave to Mike didn't tell him to buy some cheap valves from ebay,
I gave him the name of a vender I dealt with, that I had personal knowledge of and personaly had good expierence with.

I didn't just throw that out there. Your quote was," beware of cheap valves the're cheap for a reason."

And you said this knowing Alex and knowing Alex's product wasn't "cheap?"

Kiss my you know what.

You think I have a chip on my shoulder? where in my posts
did you get that idea? Because I called you ignorant? You must think you know everything then. As for Barry R. Survival motorsports, awesome job on that SOHC motor. I am well aware of copycat/imitation/poor/quality valves, heads, manifolds,rods. I am well aware your experience and your expertise.
My first build was an FE ford. If you feel you need to help save the cleveland world from casual keyboard cleveland wanna be's so be it. And George Pence where are you gonna buy valves when you find out manley is selling you the EXACT same product as Alex.

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