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Re: Factory Data- Combustion Chamber Volume, 70, 71 351 heads

April 10 2012 at 5:48 PM

Honey Badger  (Login gpence)
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Response to Factory Data- Combustion Chamber Volume, 70, 71 351 heads

I've already answered a couple of your past posts, and received no thank you or acknowledgement from you.

There is tons of Ford literature to provide answers to your questions. Not just the engine Manuals, but the OHO manual and the OHO Newsletters, and Shelby Performance Parts catalog (the Shelby Parts business was owned by Ford in this period of time), the Ford Muscle Parts catalog (Ford's performance parts program, operated by the Autolite division, prior to the OHO program). A decade later it was the Motorsport Division/SVO that was selling performance parts and producing catalogs.

You'll never find an engine manual for the Boss 351, I've already explained why in a previous post. But the Boss 351 cam specs are identical to the 302 HO cam specs in your 1971 engine manual.

The 351 Cobra Jet cam specs are in the 1972 engine manual, you just have to advance the timing by 4 degrees to arrive at the 1971 specs.

But the Boss 351 & 1971 Cobra Jet cams were sold over the counter by Ford in 1970 via the Muscle Parts program, and guess where those specs can also be found .... in the 1970 Muscle Parts catalog.

Those specs can also be found in Pat Ganahl's book.

As you know the engine manuals lists the combustion chamber volumes with a tolerance of +/- 3cc (approximately). Those figures are nominally (dropping the tenths) 63cc for 1970, 66cc for 1971 for the quench heads and 75cc for 1971 - 1972 open heads and 78cc for the 1973 and 1974 open heads. that stuff is all in the engine manuals. I don't have to look that stuff up though, because I've been using that info for 40 years.

I haven't pulled this crap out of my ass, I have ALL the literature. You can trust this data comes from that literature or you can choose not to. I've tried to helpful, to make it easy on you and others. A whole lot of people trust me as a source for 351C info. But you can be damned sure about one thing, I sure as hell am not going to scan the literature and post it on the net for somebody who doesn't have the courtesy to say thank you. Or somebody who keeps asking the same questions even after I've answered them, as though I'm an idiot to be ignored. Would You?

Have a nice day

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