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I've got a problem.

April 22 2012 at 7:28 PM
Zach Roberts  (Login zrob90sc)
from IP address

So I finally got my engine in the car and cranked up. First thing I noticed was how fast this engine warmed up, much faster than any carbureted engine I've dealt with. Temp stayed around 195-205 with electric fans running while I was checking the transmission fluid level and looking for leaks/checking timing. Only leak I had was water coming out of the overflow on the radiator for a second. Figured I just had a bit to much in there and it got pushed out. Had it running for 15 minutes then I shut it down to take a phone call. I noticed a weird gushing sound coming from the passenger side of the engine. I chalked it up to an air bubble. Then I took it for a short drive, maybe 2 miles. I was just babying it and being cautious at first. Water temp was ok but fluctuated quickly between 185-200. On the way back I decided to whammer on it, smoked the tires a little bit which didn't take much. Looked down and the temp was at 235! I immediately shut it off, get out it gushed water out the overflow. I let it cool down and limped it the 1/4 mile back home. Pull in the shop, water temp is 190 shut it off get out and hear a very strange gurgle, pulsing sound from the cooling system. The upper radiator hose is actually moving and I can feel air bubbles inside of it. Weird thing is I never noticed this on the dyno. Now, I DO have the brass restrictor installed, and I Do have the correct robert shaw 180 thermostat. No water in oil. I did a search and think that I must have put a head gasket on backwards. Since this engine has 5 dyno pulls and 2 street miles, is there a chance I can just get some new cometics and put it back together? Or would that warp the head/block? Feeling pretty dumb right about now.

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