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Balancing and one other thing....

May 2 2012 at 7:02 AM
Brent Lykins, B2 Motorsports  (Login blykins)
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Response to 408C damper and flywheel question

I assume that K1 internally balanced your rotating assembly. If that's true, then you will need a 0 balance flywheel and a 0 balance balancer. A stock 351C balancer/flywheel are imbalanced, so it won't work. Is there any documentation that you have which shows which way the rotating assembly was balanced?

And here's the "other thing..."

I don't know of any K1 forged crank that is setup for a Cleveland. By that, I mean that their cranks that I have seen are made for a 6.200" rod and the counterweights are larger for that reason. A 6.200" rod makes for an extremely short piston in a Cleveland (read 1" compression height). With that being said, which rod length did they use? If they used a 6" rod, I would do a quick mock-up and make sure that the pistons won't hit the counterweights at BDC.

Brent Lykins
B2 Motorsports, LLC

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