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Still about to claw my own face off..

May 2 2012 at 2:15 PM
Mike  (Login beastmanh)
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Response to Re: 408C damper and flywheel question

Hi Dan, Thank you for saving my face.. If no one had responded to this post today, my face would look nothing like it does now happy.gif

>Did you buy this directly from K1 (or perhaps from a vendor who supplied the pistons to go along with the K1 crank and rods)?

SO.. I bought the kit directly from K1, they recently (last year I think) partnered with wiseco to put out these kits. It has the 6.2" rods, and shorty pistons. Is this a problem for a mostly street, and occasionally strip engine?

>Do the pistons have valve reliefs for canted valve heads or inline?

Yes they are dished, with valve reliefs. Here is a pic: [IMG][linked image][/IMG]

Is the stock 351C deck height 9.5 or 9.2? I can start measuring and actually figure out if they will clear or not... I WOULD just mock it up and see, but this "kit" didn't come with bearings either... So I can't at the moment, until I spend even MORE money on bearings. The kit is basically pistons, rods, crank, balancing. For $2250 including tax.. Anyway, I'll try and stop ranting.

Thanks a ton for all the info on balancing happy.gif Very informative sir. It is internally balanced, which I like the idea of, but the extra money for a damper and flywheel is a downer.. considering the scat kit comes with both for about $2000. For the record, the only reason I went with K1 was because scat is out of stock on the 408 cranks until at least the end of May. (which when I started all this, seemed like a long time away. Now, not so long)

Again, thank you so much for your time! I TRUELY appreciate you guys on this forum... This build would be completely impossible for me without you.

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